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caotropheus 12-27-06 01:17 AM

R20 frame
Greetings Fellas

For a long time I am trying to buy a R20 but I can't find one, neither here in Israel nor in my homeland in Portugal. But, after all, I only need a frame. I have all components I need, so, I just need to find a frame. I coud buy one complete R20 on E.bay but I suppose shipment to Israel and costums fees would be more expensive than the bicycle. So, now I am shifting my atention for a R20 frame. Its smaller lighter and shipment much cheaper. So I am asking for your help, any idea where I can find one frame R20?

SSDD 12-27-06 01:46 AM

Here is one :)

caotropheus 12-27-06 05:32 AM


You're my hero, I spoke with the fellow and I am going to receive the frame by mail. The price: about 15 USD.

Now tell me, how did you find this site?

SSDD 12-27-06 06:19 AM

Its my pleasure !
The peugeot bicycle (Mixtie) that he is trying to sell is (was !) mine.
He is a nice and honest person.
I'm Glad that it worked for you !!!!

What parts are you going to install/use ?

caotropheus 12-27-06 06:32 AM

For now, I have no idea, but I have a fork and a rear fixed track hub, Airlite 36 h. For the rest of the parts, I will thing about it after I will received the frame.

SSDD 12-27-06 06:35 AM

A Fixed Raleigh Twenty !!!!
Nice :)

Good Luck !!!

LittlePixel 12-27-06 12:32 PM

SSDD: There are a few fixed Twenties on the Fixed Gear Gallery, including my own if you dig around a bit. Great basis for an urban fixie they are... ;)

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