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sahadev 04-17-08 02:35 PM

Downtube FS for sale in Berkeley! Haven't seen a DT on CL for a year now.

sahadev 04-18-08 09:10 PM

Bike Friday for sale at a garage sale of all places! The sale is tomorrow, bike is 10-15 years old for 5'7" person, includes trailer, asking $650.

SesameCrunch 04-27-08 08:29 AM

I'm putting up my folding recumbent bike up for sale. I simply have too many bikes, and this one is getting ridden the least. So I'm hoping to find a good home for it...:(

cosmodc 04-27-08 12:25 PM

A Dahon Helios in the DC metro area:

Dynocoaster 04-30-08 03:54 PM

Moulton Seattle Craigslist

Klaw 05-05-08 06:48 PM

2 listings off NYC craigslist. Both look overpriced (typical on Craigslist in NY, everyone tries to make a buck on this thing) but look decent enough. Both negotiable I think... I'm not buying them but someone might be interested.

Downtube no seat:

Xootr, tricked out but frame looks patchy:

pokey commute 05-07-08 08:28 AM

Austin Craigslist:

This is actually my Dahon Speed D7. Tough to find buyers for a folder outside of the bikeforums community.

cosmodc 05-07-08 01:07 PM

A Bike Friday Tikit (Tikit2Ride model) in Seattle, WA:

Dynocoaster 05-07-08 05:11 PM

Italian telescoping folder Vancouver BC

Klaw 05-08-08 11:27 AM

'nother NYC find: 1998 Dahon Classic III w 3 speed Sturmer Archer hub.

Diode100 05-09-08 08:44 AM

Auto Mini, anyone ?

Diode100 05-09-08 08:45 AM

A nice looking cinzia, dont see many of these in the UK !

Dynocoaster 05-11-08 10:21 AM

German Folder by Tacoma Wa.

cosmodc 05-11-08 11:34 AM

A sweet Bike Friday in the DC area--

Jagee 05-11-08 08:16 PM


Jagee 05-11-08 08:28 PM

Two R20s ( gotta be a folding forum reader):

bookishboy 05-15-08 10:57 AM

Not super-cheap, but interesting: Raleigh Sixteen?

Raleigh folding bike with 16" wheels. NYC. $175

doco 05-15-08 09:08 PM

I know nothing about the F frame Moultons but this is listed near where I live...if this is a deal and someone from here wins it, I would be happy to pick it up and ship it to you by
Fedex, cheaper than what they have
Moulton 4 SPEED BICYCLE VINTAGE BIKE with SUSPENSION - eBay (item 170219190080 end time May-20-08 16:25:36 PDT)

Dynocoaster 05-17-08 10:51 AM

On Ebay Dahon Speed Pro

cosmodc 05-19-08 09:33 AM

An old school folder in Bethesda:

Dynocoaster 05-20-08 10:36 PM

Bike Friday Tandem, Portland , Or.

ShinyBiker 05-20-08 10:39 PM

Not too familiar with the brand, but thought someone might be a fan:

Dynocoaster 05-23-08 08:25 AM

Downtube in Boulder

bookishboy 05-23-08 01:15 PM


GoBike in Philly/South Jersey area. $800

dBill 05-24-08 07:22 PM

16" Raleigh Shopper in Louisville

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