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juan162 03-12-07 08:46 PM

Best of Craigslist
Couldn't find the old thread, so started a new one:


geo8rge 03-14-07 02:40 PM

70's Atala folding bike frame - $30
seems to have a Banana seat - Italian tread BB**********

bookishboy 03-15-07 10:46 AM

Birdy in SF area for $675:

bookishboy 03-20-07 03:06 PM

Strida in Philly area for $340, "bought in 2004". Unsure if it's a Strida 3 or not.

geo8rge 03-21-07 02:44 PM

iXi Breakaway Bike - $300 NYCL

EriktheFish 03-21-07 06:45 PM

dahon in NJ:

bookishboy 03-24-07 09:32 AM

Strida 2 in Seattle:

grayvw 04-02-07 01:16 PM

2003 Dahon Helios XL with 7-speed Shimano Nexus gear hub in Cambridge, Massachusetts

bookishboy 04-02-07 10:38 PM

Originally Posted by grayvw
2003 Dahon Helios XL with 7-speed Shimano Nexus gear hub in Cambridge, Massachusetts

...AND a thudbuster seat.... this looks pretty good. :)

bookishboy 04-24-07 03:54 PM

Not sure if this is a "best buy" or not.

It's expensive, but a bit rare to see one of these pop up for sale.

Phaser Folding recumbent from HPM. It's a cousin of the Swift. $2000

I do google searches for particular keywords on the Craigslist bike listings, just to see.... if I had the money, I'd be tempted to get it for myself.

bookishboy 05-08-07 02:52 PM

Too good to be true? Birdy + Case + Extras for $450, NYC area
Too good to be true? Birdy in NYC + Case + Extras = $450

"Upgraded with several trick components: WTB saddle, Cooke Brothers crank, MKS quick release pedals, Ritchey stem. "

Includes a travel case for air transport, looks like a Samsonite Oyster or one of the similar knock-offs. In Brooklyn.

The price looks great, assuming there's no hidden problems. If anyone grabs this, give a heads-up in this thread so that we know if this thread is serving any purpose. :)

14R 06-13-07 01:57 AM

Brompton on E-Bay (USA) for 500 bucks.

Dynocoaster 06-17-07 09:21 PM

Czech this out:

Diode100 06-18-07 05:37 AM

Originally Posted by Dynocoaster

It looks very similar to this Elswick bike, also on ebay:-

Chop! 06-19-07 01:46 PM

Originally Posted by bookishboy
If anyone grabs this, give a heads-up in this thread so that we know if this thread is serving any purpose. :)

It definitely serves a purpose, in that it alerts me to unusual folders that are not yet on my list, I am now storing any pics on Flickr (running out of space on my 'puter!)
So that when they expire, pics will still be available, I will also link them off my A-Z, gradually I'll convert my PDFs to Flickr too. So please, don't be shy, if you find anything you think is not already included let us know, this way they will be stored to help people in the future to determine the way to restore their future classic folders! Text files, manuals, brochures, adverts anything........
Have you got any of the above? Share it & preserve it, thank you Chaps & Chappesses, here endeth the lecture, & ye who rideth those crazy folders will prevail, (Book of Strida, Chapter5!)

P.S. To find my latest offering on Flickr please do a search for vouwfiets (as the Dutch for folding bike brings up a less boggling array of results) I will be adding lots more whenever I have an upload-friendly connection.

juggleandhope 06-19-07 08:24 PM

Birdy Frame on Ebay
This Birdy frame is on Ebay - some of you with the skills might be interested.

Diode100 06-20-07 01:20 AM

Here's some grist to the mill from ebay:-

Diode100 06-20-07 02:29 AM

Here's one that must be almost as heavy as a Raleigh RSW:-

Dynocoaster 06-21-07 07:51 AM

Strida on Ebay

juggleandhope 06-23-07 03:08 PM

Vintage Raleigh in Long Island
Vintage Raleigh in Long Island

SingleSpeeDemon 06-25-07 04:43 AM

3 Attachment(s)
Older Dahon not too far from Pittsburgh

Attachment 48081

Attachment 48082

Attachment 48083

14R 06-28-07 12:32 AM

FAKE Giant Halfway on E-Bay-UK.

jur 06-28-07 12:59 AM

Instead of a fake, it could be one of the Chinese models. They have them in several versions, I certainly have seen one with non-cantilever forks in a Giant shop in Taipei.

14R 06-28-07 08:03 AM

JUR: I'm sorry. Giant CHINA sell those bikes. You were correct.

benttrike18 06-30-07 03:27 PM

Raleigh Twenty
There is a Twenty on EBay, located on Long Island NY.

The person is trying to get muscle bike collectors interested. Little do they know, huh?

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