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LittlePixel 03-14-07 06:00 PM

Brompton on 17?
Just thinking out loud Raph/14r has been known to muse on the notion of a 20" 406 wheeled Brompton Merc - for that thing to work it'd be some serious mods; perhaps even a cut'n'shut longer wheelbase.

But a thought occurred to me - what about Moulton 17" wheels? Just that wee bit bigger than a brompy wheel, but perhaps not too big to fit when the triangle folds under?

Size is 369... that's 20mm bigger than the brompy's 349 - or just 10mm taller from the axle.
I bet it helps with speed and ride, and I bet with the right 'streak'opee' skinny stelvio and no mudguards it'd still fit on an unmodded bike; might even work with roady calipers better.

I don't have one to try out this theory (yet) but what do people think? Doable? Can someone give an idea of how tight the clearances are?

Think of the plush ride you'd get with that extra 20mm!

14R 03-14-07 07:15 PM

NOW that my Merc is gone and I don't even know where to get a 17" wheel you have this idea? (Just kidding).

My initial desire of a compact fold/20" wheeled bike was based on my missunderstanding that 16" wheeled bikes were significant slower, less confortable and hard to ride for long periods of time. After my first Brompton (and consecutive Merc) I honestly believe that even a DT-MINI or a Dahon Curve D3, if proper tuned for the user's preference, can achieve decent performance for long distance rides. I don't plan on winning any Tour de anywhere, but being able to travel (domestic or international), have your bike ready AND still finish a century without feeling like you were attacked by inmates is a GREAT idea. Now, can that be achieved with my current bike (Dahon D3)? Yes, and if something is compromising performance, the room for improvement is right here: in myself.

But I would love to see a 17" Merc or, even better, a real, materialized GoBike (that apparently is not any bigger than a Brompton folded).

Time will tell. Meanwhile I'll have fun with my little red rocket (now featuring a nice thudbuster seatpost)


caotropheus 03-14-07 10:18 PM

Little Pixel

Probably you will succed fitting 17 inch wheels on the Brompton or Merc. But, why not even 18inch wheels?

Fear&Trembling 03-15-07 02:42 AM

Mmm, I don't think you will get a 17" / 369 on a Brompton even with Stelvios (particularly as they are wider than 20" Stelvios - about 32mm, as opposed to 28mm I think). Tyre choice is also very limited and rims are pricey.

18"/355 wheels will fit, but there is not real benefit of swopping them out (less tyre choices etc) for the sake of 6mm!

LWaB 03-15-07 06:06 AM

The clearance at the Brompton chainstay bridge is pretty tight now. Increasing the overall tyre diameter isn't going to happen.

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