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locostbamboo 04-08-07 07:52 PM

Was:newby question:3 speed Dahon, now chain falling off
Sorry for the newby question. I have a lead on a 3 speed Dahon (used) that is in my price range. I want to use the bike for my 2 mile commute to work. I have no steep hills, but a couple of gradual hills. Will I need a bike with more gears?

I have not seen the bike yet, but it is at a local bike shop and he is going to get it out for me.



juan162 04-08-07 08:25 PM

Not to confuse the issue, but this really depends on individual rider preferences. I often will ride my single speed for 15-25 miles including hills with no problem. Others would call me crazy. Ask the shop to let you have a test ride and go up a hill. That'll give you the best answer to your question,
Good Luck,

14R 04-08-07 10:24 PM

I believe if the 3 speed is not good on the hills for you, we have 3 variants here:

3 speed (that you may or may not change);

you (that you may or may not improve);

Hills (that you may ride or not).

I would get the bike and improve your fitness level to make the hills easy with the gears you have. If you try hard and often, you will be impressed how difficult hills become so much easier with training.

But again, that's just me.


Foldable Two 04-08-07 10:24 PM

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I'm 64 and have ridden my Boardwalk single-speed 10-20 miles a number of times, including some gradual hills. Two miles should be very easy on a 3-speed, even if you are in just average condition. My wife is 62 and not a super athlete but she can easily do 20 miles+ on her 7-speed Boardwalk.

Go for it!

14R 04-08-07 10:32 PM

This is a STUNNING GOOD LOOKING bike you have, foldable two.


locostbamboo 04-09-07 07:17 AM

Thanks for all the good replies. I think if the Dahon is in good shape, I will go with that. I will post a pic if I get it.

Thanks again.


folder fanatic 04-09-07 11:38 AM


Originally Posted by locostbamboo
Thanks for all the good replies. I think if the Dahon is in good shape, I will go with that. I will post a pic if I get it.

Thanks again.


If it is relatively good condition, go for it. I have 2 Dahon three speeds and use it on 99% of the hills surrounding my house with ease.

locostbamboo 04-14-07 06:34 PM

Problems-Dahon 3 speed
My wife bought me the 3 speed Dahon (used) from the local bike shop. I was really excited about it and took it out today for a test run. The Sturmey Archer 3 speed didn't shift very easy, and I know the LBS owner had worked on it. As I was trying to downshift (uphill), the chain came off the rear sprocket. I got it back on, but it continued to come off as I attempted to ride. Is this a common issue with these bikes, or am I doing something wrong? I have not used a bike with an internal hub before. I am planning to take it back to the shop. I am hoping it is an easy fix, but am interested in what you all have to say.



maunakea 04-14-07 06:39 PM

If chain tension was adequate, the chain and sprocket are suspect, i.e., very worn. Ask the LBS to replace the chain and sprocket without charge, and if that doesn't work, at cost. Always good to "try before you buy", or if on eBay, buy "New in Box".

locostbamboo 04-15-07 08:26 AM

Thanks. I tried adjusting the chain tension. The chain still comes off the rear sprocket within a few feet of riding. It is folded in the back of my car waiting to go back to the LBS on Monday.

Rob (not riding quite yet)

pm124 04-15-07 11:42 AM

Could be that they rebuilt the bike before selling and either: left a frozen link in the chain, left the front chainring wobbly, or one of the rings is seriously worn out. You should have *no* problems with chains falling off on an internal hub. After they fix it, make sure to test ride it for a bit.

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