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TranDz 04-23-07 01:48 PM

Help me choose my first bike (folder)
Heya. I want a light folder especially for the summer and warm days, but also for a winter ride in snow. My commute is about 5 miles, but I do not see me going more then 20 miles at once. I am currently looking at:

Dahon MU XL
and SPEED D7.

All of these come with a rack + fenders + rear lights so that is already in place. If anyone can tell me any experiences about any of these, and what do they prefer. Also personal pics would help as it is not just a bike on a white background like the Dahon site.

I will be riding on mostly paved road, and sometimes a little bumpy...nothing like trails or anything like that.


Donkey Hodie 04-23-07 04:58 PM

I have no experience with any of these bikes, but if I had to chose one, I would go with the MU XL mainly for the nexus redline premium 8 speed hub.

james_swift 04-23-07 05:03 PM

I have had a bad expereince with the VD5. Don't get it.

makeinu 04-23-07 06:12 PM

If you want to ride in the snow then you'd probably be better off with something that has an internal hub instead of a derailleur.

14R 04-23-07 06:26 PM


Foldable Two 04-23-07 09:29 PM

If there are no major hills I could, and have done 20 miles, on my Boardwalk single-speed (a $129 bike) a number of times!

5 Miles is a no brainer. I have also done the same on my Boardwalk 7-speed.

I am 64 and just a casual rider. In my opinion, you do NOT need a $999. bike to do those kinds of rides.

TranDz 04-24-07 01:00 PM

I hear you. However, I will also use the bike more now that it is warm outrside. But yea, nothing really going out of the 20 mile zone. I will look into the boardwalk. I just want something durable and good quality, not sure a boardwalk can do that.

Foldable Two 04-24-07 01:40 PM

The Boardwalks are actually pretty well-made. We have been riding ours for two yrs. Even my 2005 Boardwalk S1 is a decent bike. If you are out running around the city, you don't want anything too spiffy from a 'theft target' point of view.

FYI: In the current U.S. product line-up, the Boardwalk D7 has been replaced by the Speed D7.

If you want to go a step up from that, get a Speed P8. Everyone that has one seems to love it.

TranDz 04-24-07 02:07 PM

That is the red and black one right? Yea that is wat I was thinking of getting as I didn't see the boardwalk on the site except when going to the shop part itself.

Foldable Two 04-24-07 04:12 PM

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The current S1 (at Camping World anyway) is red with black handlebars; mine is a 2005 and has silver, vertically adjustable handlebars (very nice for my 6'3" height). I think their are others out there (on the Internet) that are Black with silver handlebars, but not adjustable.

(Just updated the picture of My S1 to reflect the added foam hand grips, wrapped bar ends and Tioga Comp Pool 1.75" tires. My seat post is at the MAX height, by the way.)

Foldable Two 04-25-07 05:53 PM

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Received latest CampingWorld advert today.

Dahon Boardwalk 7-speed is a 'featured' item.

The "Members" price requires a $19. one yr membership, so it saves only like $5 on a single bike - if you were going to buy two bikes it would be a good deal. I have seen the membership price as low as $12-$14, but maybe that's for us ex-members. They also sell the Boardwalk Single-Speed and the Yeah Bike (also made by Dahon).

They are not a bike store, however, so figure on doing some adjusting yourself. I was also able to get the local Dahon dealer to give them the check-up required to activate the lifetime warranty on the frame for $25 ea.

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