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Mollio 04-28-07 09:25 PM

help finding full size folder
I am looking for a foldable with 26 inch wheels. For under $1000, for touring. Here's my ldealer ist so far.
Hao Mei Shi

Any suggestions or preferences?


geo8rge 04-29-07 08:33 AM

Montague CX has a crummy parts package, that will have to be replaced if you ride it allot. You can often find Montague's on ebay/CL. Obviously a 26" will not fold nearly as compact as a 20".

Bacciagalupe 04-29-07 12:54 PM

If you are planning to pack the bike for airplane travel, by the way, 26" wheels will generally not cut it. The only exception I know of is the Airnimal, which is way out of your price range.

You might be able to find an old steel touring bike for $500 or so, and spend another $500 on S&S couplers, and another $200ish on a case....

invisiblehand 04-30-07 09:26 AM

Under $1000? That is a tough order. Bacc's suggestion is probably your best bet.

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