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Abundantearth 05-04-07 08:33 AM

Dahon Matrix 2007
just about to buy one under cycle to work and wondered what folks thought of them

brodo 07-29-07 05:40 AM

I am thinking about Matrix, too.
How it behaves during months of use ?
Stability, frame, components ? Do ther wear out ?
How it handles heavy panniers while riding ?

Thanks in advance for reports.

brodo 08-06-07 09:12 AM

Hey Matrix owners !

I am very curious how are your pros & cons about Dahon Matrix 2007 machine.

It may be a good folder for me.
Smaller wheels are nice but not as good as 26 ones on forest tracks or sandy beaches.
My usage will be appr 50% in the cities and 50% off road.

Comments please ?

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