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folder fanatic 05-04-07 02:22 PM

Google Is Doing One Better In The Bike Dept.
Google is doing Ikea one better by offering some of it's employees bikes for commuting. One of the choices is the new Dahon Curve. I think that the employees should snatch these little, but flexible bikes right up if they were smart and knowledgeable about folders. I wish we were not so neglected here in North America. I seem to feel always left out.

kgibbs51 05-04-07 02:36 PM

No wonder the Curve is sold out nationwide!

unkchunk 05-04-07 03:23 PM

And don't forget the free range eggs. They seem to be sold out too.

spambait11 05-04-07 03:24 PM

THAT many people do not work at Google.

It's probably more a material/tooling problem. I'm sure Dahon didn't really know what to expect with this model in regards to demand.

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