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Joe249 05-11-07 10:21 AM

Raleigh Folding Bikes
Hi all,
I'm looking for a folding bike to take with me when i'm in my caravan. I dont wont to spend too much on one, i looked at normal mountain bikes, but my mum suggested a folding bike to take up less space, and i would be able to use it more because she doesnt like to put the bike rack on the car. The bike i have looked at, and i would like some more information on is the Raleigh Eclipse 20". ( Does anyone know any more about the bike. I have never used a folding bike before so it is all new to me. Also any information on folding bikes around the 150 price range would be helpful.



caotropheus 05-11-07 11:52 AM

First of all, which environment do you intend to ride with your folding bicycle, urban, road, dirt path ways? Some more information on the use you intend to give the folding bicycle will help us greatly.

Joe249 05-11-07 12:17 PM

Urban roads mainly. Its going to be used to get off the campsites and to get me round the camp sites. When i took my mine bike out i stayed on the roads, there were some cattlegrids i went over, i take it i wouldnt be able to go over them on a folding bike? I went on some dirt roads that were very flat, with sight pot holes, but they were avoidable. I'm not too keen on going on road with huge potholes in. So it will be used on urban/country roads, maybe some slight dirt tracks, well more flat dirt roads.
Does this help anymore.



Joe249 05-13-07 11:25 AM

Can i anyone give me any information?



maunakea 05-13-07 03:43 PM

Why Raleigh? How you arrived at Raleigh will tell us if another folder fits your profile better. Imagine asking a bunch of dermatologists what variant of Acme Skin Lotion would be best for you. If it's Raleigh simply because of price, you're better off (IMO) spending the same amount on a used bike of better quality.

Will ever have to carry the bike?
How often each day will you fold/unfold it?
Do you care if it fits in a suitcase?
Do you care if it can go fast, climb steep grades, etc.?
Derailleur or gear hub?

Joe249 05-14-07 07:56 AM

To be honest, i dont know why i chose Raleigh. Its a 'local' company, or it used to be. It wont be carried far, but it does need to be of low wieght because it will go in a caravan. It will be folded a few times a week when its put in the car to go out somewhere to ride it. I'm not botherd if it fits a in a suitcase, but there is a limited about of space for it to go in the caravan, and only having a small car with other bits in the boot, it doesnt need to be too small, but not too big. I'm not too botherd if it can go fast, i like to cruise down roads rather then fly down them. And a Derailleur rather then a gear hub. I've been looking about in different bike shops and i saw a Model Bioptomer i might have spelt that wrong.



1oddmanout 05-14-07 08:13 PM

Wow, that Raleigh IS a good value, though. Just to let you know, I've tried out just about all the Dahon's models, bought and traded in 3, and finally satisfied with my 2007 Speed P8 on the same type of roads. This would be a great find, too . Send pictures of whatever you buy!

Joe249 05-15-07 08:10 AM

Thats a very nice bike, i like the look of it. I've phoned up alot of local bike companies, and i went down and saw one. It was an Ammaco, it looks like the commuter. The person said he could sell it me for 120 and a gekko with no gears for 80. I phones another shop and they had a Triumph in that was 129. I have been told that Triumph bicycles is part of Raleigh, but i could be wrong. The Triumph i think is the Flyte.
I like the idea of the bikes with the folding handle bars, but they seem to be really expensive, but with the Ammoco bike the handlebars can be removed by untightening a bolt so it would still make it smaller. Not too sure about the triumph though.

Cheers for the help,


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