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doody 05-11-07 12:58 PM

Dahon 20" with child seat or trailer - possible?

1st post here.

My wife and I are looking to buy two 20" Dahon folders (not sure between the D7 or P8's)

Does anyone know if I can hitch a child trailer to the 20" Dahon's and ride securely with the child?

I'm guessing it wouldn't be the same as riding with a full size bike.

Also, has anyone tried putting a child seat on the bike even though it's not recommended by most professionals?

thanks - doody

Andreasaway 05-11-07 01:49 PM

You could attach a bike trailer to your future folding bikes. Many of the trailers out there have an axle attachment that allows you to change the height of the tow arm. So on many bikes you would put it at the bottom in order to keep the trailer level. On a folder you would want to put it on the top, an that would probably be very close to level. I would probably recommend going for the trailer over a child seat, although the child seat could be places lower on a folding bike, making it safer. Wait, I guess although it would be safer from a fall perspective, it would be more dangerous in a crash with a car..... Stick with the trailer.

spambait11 05-11-07 06:38 PM

Yup, most trailer hitches will work with folding bikes. Wike and Burley will work for sure.

Besides getting hit by a car, I've found child seats can complicate the fold of folding bikes; for Dahon, this might mean a wider fold to accommodate the rack. On the other hand, even though modern trailers fold for easy transportation, they can still be a PITA to transport around or store if you're tight on space. But I agree: trailer for maximum peace of mind, esp. when it's windy or raining for that matter (got my son sick a couple times because he was in a child seat exposed to the cold, windy air).

James H Haury 05-11-07 10:01 PM

If a child seat can be used with a brompton ,(and i have seen an article about it in A To B)Why not a dahon 20".

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