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makingmark 05-13-07 12:29 PM

Manhattan bike routes for your mobile phone

I took the official Dept of Transportation map from here:

zoomed 500%, rotated 29 degrees to make it align with the Manhattan grid, and cropped into 3 sections that don't blow up my mobile phone's random access memory when I open them.

I "read" them with a Nokia 5500, but I would think any phone with an image viewer should be able to open them, they're just JPEG files.

View at 100% on your phone for best readability. On my Nokia I just hit 5 four times, and scroll to where I want to look.

If I ever get around to doing same to the rest of the map (bridges, other boroughs) I'll let y'all know..

Oh, and I first tried using Adobe Reader LE to read the whole maps on my phone...unfortunately it was very slow to render and I would eventually get "out of memory" messages that would crash the application. Common S60 smartphone issue...

makingmark 05-13-07 12:39 PM

Oops. Folding bikes thread is not really the best place to put do I get a Moderator's attention to move it to, say, regional discussion?

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