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tyme2bike 08-01-07 05:36 AM

Which 1, Dahon Or Montague 26" ??
Ok, So the Downtube wontbe ready for awhile and we need folding bikes. I am not ready to give up my 26" size so what is the best solution? Any help out there?

mpchi 08-01-07 11:51 AM

I would suggest going for Dahon 20". I made the transition from my Montague 26" to my Dahon 20" Jetstream P8 just fine. In fact, I love my Dahon a lot more than the Montague. A lot more agile on quick turns, but less capable on off-road. Montague is pretty heavy, and don't come with very good parts. Though the frame is very solid regardless being a folder. Just don't like the part where you need to take the wheel off.

invisiblehand 08-01-07 12:16 PM


Originally Posted by tyme2bike (Post 4977387)
Ok, So the Downtube wontbe ready for awhile and we need folding bikes. I am not ready to give up my 26" size so what is the best solution? Any help out there?

Why don't you try to test ride a few folders? That would give you a better assessment of what the smaller wheels feels like.

tyme2bike 08-02-07 09:58 PM

prefer 26"
I did not only try a couple 20" but bought a couple and took them both back after a few days. Just don't seem to be sturdy enough, ride is rough, don't seem to move as smooth have to work harder.
So I am at a loss...maybe I should try again. The Dahon does not seem well built.

jur 08-02-07 10:12 PM

Refresh our memories - which ones did you try?

Scooper 08-02-07 10:56 PM

Personally, I like the older Montague BiFrames, but they don't make 'em any more.

geo8rge 08-03-07 06:48 AM

There are 26" folders. They do not fold compact.

The Swivel head is cool but I have never seen them:

If you have a steel bike and $$

Dahon Flo if it is still made.

JeremyZ 08-03-07 08:53 AM

There are a couple guys here who have the Dahon Jack. One of them is Apnu. I asked him what he thought, and he really likes it. Actually, there's nothing personal in it, so I'll just copy the text of his response:


Originally Posted by Apnu
Quite a bit. It rides comfortably with those big, bouncy slick tires. It is pretty tough, though I had to rebuild the rear wheel being a 260 lb clyde and carting 15 lbs of gear in panniers which includes : a bag for bike, clothes, work garbage and food for the day. This puts the rear wheel was under extreme stress, the manual says not to exceed 230 lbs of total weight on the bike. Since the rebuild the wheel has been rock solid. It is a simple bike too, when commuting the single twist shifter is great. Simple also means easy maintenance.

And it folds, so I have piece of mind because I bring it into my office building. I put it in a bag so the rent-a-cops don't bug out about a grimy, dirty bike on their nice clean marble floors. They seem to accept this just fine, its a good compromise.

The only detraction is portability. It does fold and that is awesome, but sometimes the 26" wheels are a bit big when negotiating doors, and revolving doors are impossible to use. Every folding rider I've ever seen (in real life or online) has a folder with wheels that are 20" or less. But 20" seems to be the standard. So I turn more than a few heads with my big black bike.

Finally, attaching extra bits to your bike can be complicated as the geometry of the machine is nothing like most bikes. This is true for all folders. So placement of stuff such as water bottles, pumps, locks, and racks require some extra though. I struggled for a long time about where to put a lock (sometimes I ride it recreationally and stop somewhere, lugging the thing in a mall is a pain, so I'll lock it then) until it dawned on me to attach the lock mount to the front fork on the side opposite to of the folding direction. Stuff like that requires extra thought, but doesn't affect my opinion of the bike at all.

michaelalanjone 08-03-07 07:48 PM

Dahon Jack over the Montague, definitely. Lighter, better, about the same price. You did want to stay at 26" wheels, right? If you want to go 20" on the wheels, a Dahon Speed is about the same price.

tyme2bike 08-06-07 09:20 AM

26" for sure
thanks ALL for the great info...I will look at all your suggestions..!!

your help is greatly appreciated, and we need at least moderately foldable bikes...
we don't have to manipulate buildings, stairs or any of that sort of things..
want need them to be sort of rugged to take them in the SUV (Expedition) when we camp. Most of the campgrounds do have rough roads, dirt roads or rocky roads..that is why we want 26" with fat tires..
We also like to ride in small towns so if we can keep them in the SUV it will be real handy.


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