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renssen 08-01-07 06:46 AM

Xootr swift?
Right now I have a Brompton, which I hopefully will sell tomorrow. I am looking for a bicycle that will feel similar to a good quality mountainbike. Reading this forum I think the swift xootr will be the best option??
I have up to 1200 $ to spend. Please advise? (the swift costs here (holland) 850,-$)
I am a bit worried about the swift that once folded, it still will take up a lot of space in the train and people will complain. Whats the experience?

Bacciagalupe 08-01-07 07:51 AM

The Swift will ride pretty well, although not as smoothly as a mountain bike. In terms of bumps etc., it's about the same, maybe a little smoother, than a Brompton.

The fold is pretty huge, and yes it will take up more space -- twice as much as the Brompton.

What are your intended uses?

renssen 08-01-07 09:22 AM

I have to cycle like 10 kilometers (7.5 miles) through amsterdam three times a week. So I also have to take the bike on the train three times a week. (Fortunately mostly not during the rush hours.).I did this for years now on my brompton. But lately had enough of this bike giving me pain in my knee and feeling uncomfortable on it. I love riding my mountainbike which has all xt equipment on it.

energyandair 08-01-07 09:54 AM

What about a Birdy?

Riding position is very adjustable and can be set up like a mountain bike.

Full suspension with easy change of rear "spring" (soft medium firm)

Good quick fold with chain to inside. A bit larger than a Brompton but lighter. Smaller than most other folders.

Fast on roads yet can handle trails.

The most comfortable bike I have ridden. I'm selling my mountain bike.

You might want to change tires. I put 1.5" Schwalbe Marathon Racers on mine and like them a lot. Recent models will also fit 2 " wide Schwalbe Big Apples if you want wider tires.

If you buy a base model Birdy like I did, you may also want to eventually upgrade gears, brakes etc as the ones they come with are nowhere near XT quality. (Even with the lesser gears, I prefer riding the Birdy to my Cannondale Super V mountain bike with XTgears, front disc brake and rear Avid brake)


renssen 08-01-07 11:20 AM

Thank you; i might try the birdy this friday, am pretty curious

buffaloboro 08-05-07 04:50 PM

I have owned both bikes . The Brompton is a far better folder esp in terms of what you need. Are you sure that a different bike will help with the knee ?

renssen 08-06-07 12:41 AM

I have started to dislike my brompron very much. It found cycling it was crueling my knee, probably due to not enough gears (3). I didnt like the way i sat on it. The max I could cycle it was 3 to 4 miles. I own 4 bycicles (mb, and race) , the brompton I didnt want to use, only when really necessary (work).
I sold it for 500 $ last week!!! Which is a lot thinking that I bought it for 800,- $ 8 years ago, so thats great!!
I tried an airnimal and a birdy (its impossible to try a swift) and liked the airnimal much more. But the airnimal has a real folding problem, my opinion, its just suited for the car I suppose. The birdy reminded me of the brompton. So I ordered a swift and will let a professional "sewing person" here make a bag for it ,so hopefully I will be able to transport it on the train as having large luggage. I hope the swift will come soon and then I will keep posting here :)

maunakea 08-06-07 12:27 PM

renssen, you will really enjoy your new Swift. Did you choose gear hub or derailleur? Take it to Maastricht and ride to Aachen so you can use the low gears and the long bike path along the border ... difficult to do on a Brommie, but now you have a Swift.

renssen 08-07-07 10:10 AM

I'd love to take it to Hawaii and cycle it there!! Is it true that the tv serie "Lost" was shot there??
I am not sure what a hub is . It said; SRAM 5.0 twist grip shifter; SRAM 4.0 derailleur, so probably a deraileur?? I will be cycling through Amsterdam, there are tiny hills there:p.

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