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yamcha 09-06-07 12:23 AM

Nakano Air Hub
The "world's first automatic air replacement device for bicycle tires." Energy from the spinning wheel sets up a rotary cam action, that feeds a pump inside the hub, which in turns keep your tyres at the correct air pressure. Without any over-inflation, due a special valve.

mr pinga 09-06-07 03:17 AM

how about storing the air so u could use it to power the hub in short bursts to help you up a hill

DanPT 09-06-07 11:41 AM

Well from the Manufacturer website "Translated by Excite"

Online computer Translated version
*Original Japanese FAQ

2-How much air enters?

[scroll down]


A. Air keeps being filled to the tube until sending air when the wheel rotates, and becoming 3.0 atmospheric pressures that are the tire standard air pressures. Afterwards, when pressure in the tube becomes more than about 3.0 atmospheric pressures, the air sent from the hub is discharged from the relief valve.
So 3 atmosphere is about 44 psi.

And I don't think the valve is adjustable.

EDIT: Well the pressure valve might be change after all but

The relief pressure changes if six corner nut in the relief valve point is done in, the air short supply and entering too much do not occur, and never touch, please.
Well they say to never touch the hexnut. If you don't want to mess up with the pressure.

danielmramos 09-06-07 01:20 PM

Sounds like a great way to add lots of friction to your hubs.

Bacciagalupe 09-06-07 02:26 PM


A Treehugger article from 2005 is news?

And what does this have to do with folding bikes?

yamcha 09-06-07 04:38 PM

Just thought it was interesting.

lecky 09-06-07 05:07 PM

looks like a cute novelty for mamacharis.

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