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pismocycleguy 09-09-07 09:12 PM

175mm cranks on Swift Folder
I looked at the Swift Folder spec sheet and saw that all sizes of the Swift comes with 170mm crank arms.
I have always run 175mm crank arms on all of my bikes. Is there any reason that a longer crank arm cannot be used on the Swift? Is there a problem with ground clearance or clearance at the seat stays or the chain stays? Please enlighten me!:D

jur 09-09-07 09:41 PM

I run 172.5mm ones and there's loads more space.

Ericx25 09-10-07 01:56 PM

I have 175 mm crank arms on my Xootr (Campagnolo Centaur, double chainring but no front derailleur).
No problem.

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