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locostbamboo 09-12-07 05:51 PM

Classic DaHon and Sore backside
Any recommendations on an affordable suspension seat post for my classic DaHon? My backside is starting to feel the effect of my daily (albeit short) commute. Is the biologic suspension post my cheapest bet? Did I mention that I am cheap?



jur 09-12-07 05:59 PM

I think a black Brooks B17 is what you need. Is your route riddles with big bumps? If not, then suspension is not going to make a big difference if at all.

locostbamboo 09-12-07 08:42 PM

re:DaHon and sore seat
OK, here is a shot of the seat post and underside of my current seat:

It is 29MM at the widest and tapers to 22MM. Is the Brooks B17 going to give me more cushion than my current set-up?



yamcha 09-12-07 08:52 PM

I had the same problem as you. The Dahon seat sucks. This is what I did and perhaps what you should do: Go to a bike shop that sells a lot of beach cruisers, they always have a lot of sping cushioned beach cruiser seats that they have taken off new bikes for whatever reasons and would be happy for you to get them off their hands for free or under $10.

jur 09-12-07 09:04 PM


Originally Posted by locostbamboo (Post 5260700)
It is 29MM at the widest and tapers to 22MM. Is the Brooks B17 going to give me more cushion than my current set-up?



It's probably a 28.6mm post. These are still readily available. Is your a one-piece long one or a telescopic one? How long is it?

The Brooks B17 won't give more cushioning. Best to read this.

jur 09-13-07 12:43 AM


spambait11 09-13-07 01:08 AM

Actually, my wife and I have found that stiffer seats are better for longer distances. They're harder at first, but the longer you stay in the saddle, the more the stiffer support becomes important. The B-17 is a great saddle choice. Believe it or not, many, including myself, also find this saddle to be great as well. Don't let the "racer" look fool you.

Leigh_caines 09-13-07 04:32 AM

I tried all those hornless seat and I say... Forget it... save your $s... unless you ride with your bum in the air and your hands down near your knees you won't find them comforable.... go with the Brooks
But it is "each to his own" when it comes to seats

locostbamboo 09-13-07 12:14 PM

re:sore butt

Originally Posted by jur (Post 5260845)
It's probably a 28.6mm post. These are still readily available. Is your a one-piece long one or a telescopic one? How long is it?

The Brooks B17 won't give more cushioning. Best to read this.

Jur, the telescoping part is about a foot and a half.

Thanks for the link. I read this earlier, but I guess I have a short attention span, because I had a hard time drawing a conclusion from it.

I really just want to relieve my sore butt, which is in the bones. If a Brooks will do that, then I will go for it, but it sounds like many have different opinions on this topic. Dahon pointed me to Brooks and to Thor for the biologic seat post. They were very nice, as has been everyone else, but I don't know that I am any closer on this one. I do appreciate the advice though.



jur 09-13-07 04:10 PM

If it's in the bones, then a Brooks will very likely solve your problems.

If you get one from Wallingford (about $45?) and follow their instructions, you can return it for a refund if you find it does not suit you. They have that iron-clad guarantee due to the Brooks' almost guaranteed results. We have Brooks B17s on all our bikes (except the weight weenie Swift).

For the seat post, you could consider a Cane Creek Thudbuster ($100 from JensonUSA). They come in 28.6mm, are 400mm long overall and work better than any other product bar none. I installed on on my R20 amd it feels like I'm gliding. I had another for my Swift, but I put it on my wife's Helios for a try and she promptly annexed it!

Just make sure of the top post's diameter where it slides into the bottom part. But I would recommend the Brooks first (lower cost) and ride that for a while to see how it turns out. For the time it takes the saddle to take your shape (again see Sheldonbrown on this), use padded bike knicks.

yamcha 09-13-07 04:41 PM

Jur, does the Cane Creek Thudbuster take any powere away from your peddling?

yamcha 09-13-07 04:53 PM

This is going to sound shallow but I just don't think Brooks saddles look right on a folder. Those saddles match utility bikes better.

locostbamboo 09-13-07 05:17 PM

Re:dahon and sore butt
I am mainly concerned about utility, but I do think folders look cool (OK, so my family doesn't agree, their loss).

Anyway, I am waivering between the Brooks and maybe the Butt Buddy that was mentioned some time ago. Lousy name, but it looks like it may work well and it is cheap!!

I am also perusing Ebay for Brooks saddles.



yamcha 09-13-07 05:56 PM

The Butt Buddy is a horrible name and must have been created by an uncouth American!

Bamboo, I seriously think you should try one of those split seats. They are comfortable as hell. The typical nosed bike seat is very low-tech and its overall design philosophy hasn't improved for decades and decades. It is a unisex seat and doesn't take into account male riders who have very large genitals such as myself. It is foolish to put your Spitz bones on something hard or to sit on a hump that puts your whole body weight on your prostate. Unless you want walk bow leggedly with permanent erectile dysfunction and posiibly get prostate cancer. Cancer is linked to pressure and inflammation. Women who do not wear bras seldom develop breast cancer.

brakemeister 09-13-07 06:15 PM

Brooks saddles are nice.. HOWEVER they feel like hell when new.... And what is well ridden in ? A 1ooo miles with pain ... not for me .. sorry ... I cant get the brooks to work for me unless i am suffering for too long ....
get a thudbuster and a nice comfortable saddle ( I consider a nice hard packing of foam or gel with a leather top the best for me ) Dont make the saddle too wide as it will hurt the upper thighs....

for the folks who ride thousands of miles ... yeah go with a brooks ...nothing wrong with it.... for prostate problems or just a comfortable ride .. go comfortable ...


ps. i have ridden short distance almost every split saddle in the world ... even real short ones without nose . I can for the love of god not feel secure with them .... and i tried

yamcha 09-13-07 06:42 PM

What is there not to feel secure about? Were they comfortable?

Tom Stormcrowe 09-13-07 08:45 PM

I've tried the hornless saddles as well and find them......disconcerting at the least. I use the nose of my saddle for a balance reference in technical riding and just plain don't feel comfortable on the spongy wonder or other noseless saddles. I use a narrow sprung leather saddle that is for all intents and purposes a clone of the Brooks Conquest and ride extremely long distances and do so in great comfort. I still feel pretty good at the 100 mile point in the saddle and have ridden as far as 167 miles in just under 12 hrs using hard leather and no bits issues either ;)

folder fanatic 09-14-07 11:17 AM

For the classic type of bike whether it be folding or not, I have these saddles featured on my Flickr site:

On the Dahon:

On my almost 40 year old Phillips:

Each were selected for it's thinly padded and firm saddle with back springs. This gives me good support, yet gives when suspension is needed-even on the most damaged streets I came across. And I find that this option is far more cheaper and easier to do than a Thudbuster. These may not be flashy, but they do their job.

yamcha 09-14-07 12:08 PM

Folder Fanatic, can you tell me how much your boardwalk 3 speed hub conversion cost you?

locostbamboo 09-14-07 01:26 PM

re:sore butt
Folder Fanatic, where did you get the seats? I contacted Dahon directly, but did not get that asnwer.



locostbamboo 09-17-07 11:35 AM

Re: sore butt
In the end (sorry, I could not resist), I went with a gel seat as suggested by the LBC and because of my short ride. I will try it for a while to see if I notice any reduction in pain. If not, I will go with some sort of suspension post. If I could afford the Brooks with the springs on it, that would have been a good chice I think, but I am cheap. That may be what I end of with in the real end.

Thanks for all of the great advice.


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