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TheMadBrewer 09-13-07 07:36 AM

Lot of Bromptons in Brussels
I don't know if its because I have joined the ranks of folder riders (and therefor notice others) but I was in Brussels the past weekend (for Bruxellensis Bierfestival) and saw a *lot* of Bromptons. Is this a particular hotspot for them or did I stumble on a weekend Brompton gathering?

BTW, my dad (he's 76) and I got some funny looks riding around Germany on our Bike Friday NWTs. But the only person who actually came up to talk was more interested in my Garmin GPS on the handlebar. He got real excited when I told him of my 200 odd brewery waypoints :)

DVC45 09-13-07 03:10 PM

Thanks for sharing your blog. I really enjoyed reading 'em. :)

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