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burmesepenguin 09-14-07 07:40 PM

bike life span
Me dad figures that since a folding bike is advertised as being really quick and easy to fold, under 20 seconds usually, the metal parts must get a real work-out, the locking parts must get worn-out pretty soon.

Is that true? how long does a folding bike generally last without having to get replacement parts an' that?

matt52 09-15-07 05:49 AM

Depends on how robust the build is. Lots of cheap and nasty conventional bikes fall to bits because they aren't built for the stresses and strains all cycles have to undergo when riding. My Raleigh 20 still folds fine after probably 30 years of life. And if the hinge went at the most it would require a new bolt, i guess. My Mezzo has been folded and unfolded four times a day for a full year, with no particular signs of it wearing out. And used Bromptons have VERY high resale values. Frankly., if they wore out quickly, nobody would buy them. But in London, folders are everywhere.

burmesepenguin 09-15-07 03:09 PM

thanks, I want a Dahon, or save up to get a M-type sort of Brompton

EvilV 09-15-07 04:14 PM

If you oil a properly made bike hinge, I guess it would outlast the rest of the bike. How much wear does a hinge pin get in comparison say to the bottom bracket, the joint between the cranks and the bottom bracket, or the forks and rear triangle, subject as they are to constant road shocks. The above obviously assumes that the hinge was properly fabricated in the first place, but I think we can probably assume that on any half way decent bike.

v1nce 09-16-07 01:29 PM

Have to concur with all the above, your dad is mistaken in his assumption when it concerns anything that has been decently constructed.

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