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IWantToGoFaster 09-17-07 07:44 AM

Fun at lunchtime
I rarely bother to drag myself away from my desk but today I thought I should, so I popped into a LBS and tried out 3 bikes just for fun.

The Mezzo d9 is a pretty well thought out folder and rides pretty well. Unfortunately I have to concur with other reviews in that it does lack enough upper gears. Pottering around is very well catered for, but if you wanted to get up some speed you just have to peddle that bit too fast. I found the seat uncomfortable and the grips very odd, as though they had squared off edges. Simple to change but I know but who on earth thought of those?

The Airnimal Joey was heavier than I anticipated it would be but deceptively quick. In work clothes, keeping up with cars in a 30 mph zone was not too difficult and I think some of the drivers didn't like that :D

The MU P8 was of course not as quick but very comfy and I can see the appeal. The SL version with Big Apples must be great.

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