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stevegor 10-02-07 07:26 PM

Riding with the stars
Every year in Victoria, Australia, we have a racing cycle tour called the Herald Suntour, this year it starts in Bendigo and 2 days before the start there is an Excelior Cyclismo.
Two courses of varying lengths with hilly terrain, I wonder if a certain owner of a mint green R20 folder with a broken SA hub will venture up from Melbourne on his Swift to ride it, if so I might see him there, but not on the Wasp. ;)

jur 10-02-07 08:05 PM

Hmm... October 13... that Sat is taken... :( Maybe I can swing it. I would love to come, just very short notice, entries close this Friday.

I can't find any reference to bicycles in the ride rules - often they restrict entrants to road bikes only. Surely there must be SOME limits, such as no electric bikes?

stevegor 10-03-07 01:54 AM


I think you can ride long as it's not a unicycle :rolleyes:

stevegor 10-03-07 01:57 AM

PS: I'm doing the long ride, I'll be on a red Specialzed Allez Pro roadie, decked out in mainly red gear, including red shoes :eek:

stevegor 10-10-07 05:09 PM

You have until 5pm today to enter as a late entry.......go know you want too, even if it's just to beat me to the top of Mt Alexander.....:eek:

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