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bangkok 10-04-07 02:57 AM

new Mercedes folder
Noted this from the Folding Society site:

New folder: full suspension, disc brakes, large folded size but rolls folded, no mention of weight. Hope to find out more.

spambait11 10-04-07 08:07 AM

Cool bike. Hopefully it doesn't weigh a ton and the accessories are not expensive. Oh wait... Mercedes-Benz...

jnb-rare 10-04-07 12:15 PM

I wonder how many would fit in a Mercedes ForTwo Smart Car?

CHenry 10-04-07 03:11 PM

Cool looking in a Kuwahara-kind-of way. Good color choice.

psykoocycle 10-05-07 12:02 PM

Looks great!... though it seems like it may weigh quite a bit... the fender look futuristic... the disc brake locks are a great feature... wonder how much?

LittlePixel 10-06-07 07:53 AM

It looks well ugly. Don't like those mudguards either. What is it with all the cage manufacturers making ltd. edition bikes? Some sort of manifestation of guilt?

4cmd3 10-06-07 08:33 AM

Looks neat - I'd like to know more specs though.

Like... what size wheels are those?

LittlePixel 10-06-07 11:08 AM

I'd say they are ISO 349 or thereabouts judging by the scale of them.

spambait11 10-06-07 01:07 PM

The wheels look more like 305s to me.

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