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fastdogs 10-13-07 03:10 PM

NJFolder, how did it go?
How did the charity ride go? I completed my first group ride today, a charity ride here in st. louis. It was a small group, so we all stayed together (those of us that were riding the 13 mile course). It was very hilly in the first half, but the rest was great. I could have gone longer (as long as it didn't involve the hills) when we finished, it felt good. I was the only folding bike there, in fact, the only bike with 20" wheels. But I had a blast, and since it was a ride for breast cancer, my pink bike was perfect. Got a lot of "cute bike" as they went past me, though!

NJfolder 10-13-07 07:13 PM

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to go to the ride. Something else came up that I had to take care of, but I hope I can do one of these next time. They have this particular ride at least 4 or 5 times a year so I will try again in the spring. Glad to hear your ride went so well!

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