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UQKenny 10-15-07 02:49 PM

Just bought a Neobike "Brompton"
Hello everyone, first of all I would like to thank everyone here for teaching me so much about folding bikes. I have just bought a second hand Neobike (Taiwanese) version of Brompton last week, and I am thinking about getting a cycling bag to carry random items as well as small amount of shoppings, so I have a couple of questions for everyone:

1) Can I fit a Brompton front carrier block onto my Neobike, maybe via some kind of adaptor?

2) If not, can anyone recommended any rack/handlebar/saddle bags that are good for Brompton?

3) Is there anyone one here actually own a Neobike Brompton and if there is any part of the bike that I should replace with official Brompton parts.

Thanks very much for your attention and looking forward to your answers.

EvilV 10-15-07 03:15 PM

Where are you located?

You can buy a lot of Bormpton like bits from Merc Bike for small amounts of money. As far as I know all these things will fit a real Brompton since the merc is an exact dimensional copy.

UQKenny 10-16-07 06:15 AM

Thanks EvilV, I'm based in London

RJC 10-16-07 08:25 AM

How is your bike labelled?

There probably is a connection between the Neobike clones and the Merc/Flamingo copy but it isn't clear.
Since Neobike was successfully sued by Dahon and the founders given prison sentences, no doubt Flamingo will keep quiet about any connection.


UQKenny 10-16-07 04:48 PM

Well, Neobike used to have a 10 year licensing deal with Brompton that ended back in 2002, so I am assuming that my bike is made during that period.

EvilV 10-17-07 02:52 AM


Originally Posted by UQKenny (Post 5462233)
Thanks EvilV, I'm based in London

OK UQkenny. Then you should contact Anita at Merc spares:

I know she used to sell a luggage attachment block, but there is not one offered there just now. This does not necessarily mean she doesn't have them though. If you open a page on one of the items she is selling there, you will get the opportunity to ask her a question. I can't remember what the block used to cost, but llike the rest of the spares it was very little money.

Good luck.

LittlePixel 10-17-07 06:42 AM

You can get the full gamut of Brompton spares - you could actually build a whole bike in kit form from the range of spares available at St John Street cycles. I've got a few 'real' Brompton parts for the Merc I'm souping up from there and have not encountered any problems with any parts not fitting as yet - from the rear triangle to the forks and seatpost.

EvilV 10-17-07 08:54 AM

I'm just trying to work out why anyone would pay more for spare parts than they needed to fit to a bike already made in Taiwan. I'm sure there's a reason, I just can't think what it is yet.

Brompton 3 speed rear wheel (with sturmey ger made in Taiwan) 101 (UK)
Merc 3 speed rear wheel (sturmey with sturmey gear made in Taiwan) 38 (Taiwan)
Brompton front wheel 48.47 (UK)
Merc front wheel 18 (Taiwan)
Brompton Mudgaurd set 46 (UK)
Merc Mudguard set 13 (Taiwan)
Brompton Rear Carrier with mudguard 73.50 (UK)
Merc Rear Carrier with mudguard 34 (Taiwan)

I'm not even convinced that the Brompton plastic mudguard isn't made in the far east anyway.

Maybe I'm just cheap. That must be it.

UQKenny 10-26-07 08:34 AM

Thanks guys for the info. I agree with what you were saying EvilV, and I don't think I'll be replacing any parts unless it's broken. No one seems to have any suggestions of bike bags though. I don't think I can fit a front carrier block onto my bike, so I was thinking about a Brompton R bag, but it's 50!!! Now I'm just gonna find a rack bag that will fit onto the tiny little rack of its.

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