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Lalato 10-25-07 04:51 PM

Breezer i7 Frameset...
Hi Gang,
Was googling around and found this...

It's a Breezer i7 frameset... which they apparently sell by itself. I sent them an e-mail, and they noted that it weighs 13 pounds. Other than that, you can see the full specs of a complete i7 elsewhere on the site.


nekohime 10-25-07 05:19 PM

Hmmm, interesting. They have four models of folding bike, and the zigzag models seem nice. If the shops around LA carry the folding bikes, I might pop in for a test ride out of curiosity.

Lalato 10-25-07 06:02 PM

I believe the Zig and Zag are rebadged Dahons. The i series of bikes do not appear to be Dahon licensed so I'm not sure what they are. I just thought it was cool that you could get the frameset.

And it appears someone else noted this before on these forums (just found it in a search)...


nekohime 10-25-07 10:51 PM

Ah, so that's why they looked interesting. The itzy kinda looks like a downtube mini

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