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sahadev 11-05-07 03:52 PM

1969 Schwinn Run-a-Bout $1000!!!!
I also posted this in the best of Craigslist thread, but I thought everyone might want to see this. Astounding!

Lalato 11-05-07 06:01 PM

Ha! I Say Ha!

social suicide 11-06-07 03:09 PM

worth every penny
I own a '68 run-a-bout (with the 3 speed stik-shift) it is my favorite bike. I ride it 5 miles to work twice a week in summer. It's a head turner but its made for adults and rides great. $1000 is a steal. This bike is a schwinn(collectible), a sting-ray(collectible), and is N.O.S.(highly collectible) too bad its not in campus green and a year older or it could fetch another $400. Oh yeah, I got mine for 12 bucks in the PARKING LOT at our local bike swap:eek:

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