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Fibber 11-06-07 01:57 AM

Yeah HA061 (Dahon Licensed) Bike questions
If someone has already posted info on this, I'd appreciate knowing where. A few weeks ago someone had a link to a review, but that was on the Yeah HT060, the lower end high-ten frame unit.

I am looking for something that I can keep in the back of my Outback for a half hour ride during lunchtime. A quickie workday getaway, for relaxation and fitness. A few days ago I visited a LBS and tried out a Dahon Speed 7 ($350), and looked at their MU P8 at around $580. It was my first experience on a folder, and it was a lot more enjoyable than I suspected it might be. I'm becoming convinced that I need something like this.

I got talking to the owner of the shop about lower cost alternatives, and Yeah came up. I was honest with him that while I liked it, the family budget was a bit tight right now. He said that Yeah licensed the technology, and so probably produced a reasonable product. They also make Birdie (?). I see that the alloy frame Yeah HA061 sell on E-bay for around $150 plus shipping, which makes it a very tempting alternative. Most of the componentry, geometry and construction looks (as well as one can tell from pics) similiar, with the big exception being deraillure/cog set. A compromise I could live with given the intended use.

Any experience / thoughts? Thanks!

jur 11-09-07 10:02 PM

I have a Yeah. It is almost identical to a Dahon Helios frame, the only practical difference is the derailer hanger is not replacable. The frame hinge is the older Dahon one. All the other stuff IS Dahon. In fact Dahon China were selling the identical model under a Dahon name, so the licensing business is a bit strange. At any rate, all the Dahon and Yeah frames are made in the same production line. So the Yeah is effectively a rebadged Dahon.

The other difference is My Yeah has the steel handlepost which doesn't look as sleek as the alloy one but I have learned that the steel folding mech one is a damn sight better quality and safer than the alloy one.

As a comparison, I also had a Dahon Helios. Guess what, I sold the Helios immediately after getting it, and still have the Yeah. Check my sig for a tour of Tamania on the Yeah.

PS It is actually my wife's bike. Or more accurately, I bought it for myself, got caught out by SWMBO when she askend me point-blank why I needed another folder, I could only stammer out, "I-I-I bought it for YOU..." So she hopped on and took it for a spin. She hasn't stopped riding it since.

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