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stea1thviper 11-06-07 07:19 PM

cable connector effectiveness?
Hey all,

Just wondering what the consensus was on cable connectors. Any ones in particular anyone would recommend? I'm having a hard time finding places to buy them.

Bop 11-08-07 09:58 PM

I'm assuming you are referring to the widgets that let ypu split your cables without having to re-adjust anything upon re-assembly. I have three S&S couples bikes that use such connectors. I have experience only with DaVinci cable seperators, but my experience has been only positive. I have purchased several extras to allow easy handlebar swaps (drops to flats, single speed to geared, etc.). I bought them from the Hostel Shoppe and directly from the manufacturer. There are two sizes, one for brake cables, one for shifters.

stea1thviper 11-12-07 09:14 AM

thanks alot! this is exactly what i was looking for.

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