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Ericx25 01-13-08 11:18 AM

longer seatpost for a Xootr
The standard seatpost on my xootr is too short and I need a seatpost 3 cm longer (or more)
What model would fit ?
(I searched the older posts and I must admit that it is a bit confusing...)



Paul Braithwait 01-13-08 11:33 AM

Xootr can provide what you need. See their web site at

Ericx25 01-19-08 03:32 AM

any other ideas ?

jur 01-19-08 06:20 AM

Look up ThorUSA. He's got Thudbusters for Dahons which will probably fit (33.9mm vs 34.0mm) but are long. Very long.

I think Calhoun Cycles in the US also has them or dedicated Xootr ones.

But what did Xootr answer you?

buffaloboro 01-20-08 05:12 PM

Hi, i have a thudbuster - works okay for me . I am 6' 2" & although I haven't measured it , it appears longer than the pole I got with the xootr. Of course , I may be wrong. Def' recommend one though.

Paul Braithwait 01-21-08 02:26 PM

Xootr have a Thudbuster especially to fit the Swift. It's on their web site.

brakemeister 01-21-08 04:53 PM

here are all measurements.. keep in mind that I only have 34 mm diameter.I dont know if the Xootr has that size... ?


Paul Braithwait 01-21-08 06:35 PM

From the Xootr web site - the photo didn't copy!

click for larger view
Usually ships same business day

Thanks to all the hard working folks at Cane Creek, we now have a suspension seat post available for the Swift. This post is the same as their famous Thudbuster LT, but with a thicker post so it fits the Swift. This is not a standard Swift seat post with the suspension mechanism bonded in, but rather it is Cane Creeks latest and greatest Thudbuster LT. The post comes with a variety of elastomers to customize the suspension to your weight and riding style. The post comes in one length which is equivalent to our XXL post. If you would like us to cut it to size please email us with your order number and your current bike size after you place your order.

Below are some of the specifications which Cane Creek has posted for the Thudbuster LT:

Provides nearly 3" (76mm) of active, stiction-free travel
Responds to all bumps, big and small
Weight: 570 grams
Comes with 3 pairs of elastomers, soft (grey), medium (blue), firm (black). Additional elatomers are available from Cane Creek for lighter or heavier riders.
Two elastomers are used to provide the compression and rebound damping meaning that you can mix and match them to tune the supsension to your specific needs.

2008 Xootr LLC. All rights reserved. Worldwide patents pending. Xootr, Swift, and Trusfold are trademarks of Xootr

jur 01-21-08 06:56 PM


Originally Posted by brakemeister (Post 6024019)

here are all measurements.. keep in mind that I only have 34 mm diameter.I dont know if the Xootr has that size... ?


Yep 34mm is the one.

I don't know if the weight listed on the Xootr site is correct though - the 570g is for the 27.2mm standard version. It stands to reason that the 34mm extra-extra long ones are a bit heavier. I would be more inclined to accept Thor's weight numbers. Plus he's $10 less expensive. :) Plus he offers the other roadie version also.

* hmm should I or shouldn't I *

brakemeister 01-21-08 10:34 PM

yeah mine are werighted on our regular run of the mill scale ... not the marketing scale
and there is also free shipping in the US

( foreign orderd get a discount on actual rate )

and yes I do have both in stock ....


brakemeister 01-21-08 10:37 PM

actually you can email this fellow .. he has one .. was a shipping mistake and he might make you a good deal

[email protected]

shipping might be way cheaper from the UK than from here, besides he might make you a good deal to boot...


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