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CrimsonEclipse 02-19-08 02:24 PM

Speed P8 Bottom Bracket Replacement
I've posted about this problem before with a clicking problem on the bottom bracket.
The BB specs;

Chin Haur
BC1.37 - 24T

It turns out, the clicking was NOT the bearings but the housing. The housing is not
a one piece construction like most bottom brackets but a 2 pieces pressed together.
The problem is, the pieces became loose and separated.

I finally replaced it with a Shimano 115mm shaft BB and it seems to work pretty well.


(a copy of this is also posted on Dahon's Forum)

Spudmeister 02-19-08 02:58 PM

Chin Haur B.B. is crap
I,too, have replaced the Chin Haur bb on my two Dahons. They are crap! I used a much shorter spindle.

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