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hollywoodb 02-20-08 06:46 PM

Questions about getting the right frame size (Dahon Jack)
Hi, I'm brand new to folding bikes, and I live in an area where the nearest shop that carries *any* type of folding bike is about 280 miles. Currently my riding is 50/50 gravel/trail and street, and I've been looking at the Dahon Jack. I like the 26" wheel size. Portability is important, but more "I want to fit this in my car" than "I want to carry this comfortably on the bus" important. So far the only bike I've found that seems to fit my riding & budget requirements is the Dahon Jack.

I'm about 5'9", and from what I understand all the Jack models have 26" tires with different frame sizes (16", 18", and 20").... What exactly does the frame size measure? The recommended for my height is 18", but I'm used to riding full-size bikes, so should I be looking at the 20" frame?

I'd appreciate it if someone could give me more insight into exactly how these frame sizes work in the real world ;)


brakemeister 02-20-08 08:29 PM

18 is fine for ya


spambait11 02-20-08 10:14 PM

I'm also 5'9" and took a chance on the 20": fit is perfect, especially since I'm used to riding a 56cm 700c road bike, and the MTB I rode most of my undergraduate years is 21".

On the Jack, if the stem is too long for you, you can either get a shorter NVO stem or switch out the whole system for common 1 1/8" spacers and stem. I found it hard to fit in the trunk of my wife's Camry (go figure) but it will fit if you either (1) remove the stem/handlebars or (2) remove the front wheel (so you can turn the handlebars horizontally. The latter is the easiest option. It's a great bike overall, but be careful if you change the bottom bracket for a sealed cartridge unit: one of the screws holding the mini bike stand is threaded into the bottom bracket shell and won't screw in all the way because it will hit the sealed cartridge. The OEM bottom bracket is cup and cone. Nothing wrong with the latter however.

Lastly, Thor's a great guy to deal with. He'll take care of you and has great prices, especially on the 2006 Jack which is actually a 2007. But don't tell him I told you. :D

hollywoodb 02-26-08 04:38 PM

Just thought I'd followup... I ordered a 20" from Thor's site ;) The bike showed up today so I slapped it together and am quite happy with it (now I just need the rest of this snow to melt).

The height with the seat as low as it goes is exactly what I was looking for. So in the end an 18" would have probably been the "proper" fit, but I'm completely happy with the 20" as well.

Thanks for the help!

kazza 03-03-08 05:50 AM

My Jack fits into the boot of my Nissan Primera (a mid-sized hatch back) but only if I remove the handlebars. It's a lovely safe ride (the fat tyres are fab) and recommended.

Being 5'6'' the small fits me fine but you need the medium.

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