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nigelme 02-25-08 04:36 AM

Moulton Seatpost Size

I got me a 1980/90s Moulton APB which is fab but needs a bit of personalising.

It has a seatpost tube size of 34.8. The previous owner did a refurb on it and put on a Kalloy 31.8 with a 7cm shim (34.6+various packing) - I think he just used spare MTB bits because the headset is a Tranz X.

I am looking to replace this setup with a lighter more 'fitting' post but 34.8s are rare.
Is a 7cm shim enough? is it wise to fashion an aluminium/plastic tube and use a more common 27.2 post - any suggestions are appreciated?


I wont go into what's happening with the SRAM (Sachs) hub.

LWaB 02-25-08 07:59 AM

nigelme 02-25-08 08:17 AM


Originally Posted by LWaB (Post 6226461)

Noted! - These little parts cost.:eek:

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