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cmcanulty 02-26-08 04:19 PM

Touring Folder
Check out this KHS touring folder from KHS Taiwan here is a link to the translated page. I believe it works out to just under $600 US plus whatever tax, duty, shipping etc. I wonder if we could get a group order in the works?

cmcanulty 02-26-08 04:40 PM

I should have mentioned they have several awesome looking folders. Click around on the various icons to see them all from this page. When you see one tou like rt cl (in Firefox) and pick translate

invisiblehand 02-26-08 04:43 PM

~ one year ago, someone tested out the sport version of a KHS folder -- drop bars with 105/Tiagra with Capreo components -- here in the states. It had decent reviews and there were plans for them to sell them here. However, it never materialized.

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