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origamibiker 02-29-08 03:43 PM

HELP:Need Crank (and Pins) for Raleigh Twenty
I got totally ripped off on an Ebay purchase (first time I've ever bough anything sight unseen).

The crank is bent and my guy at Bicycle Habitat in NYC says I'll kill my knees if I ride it.

Anyone know where I can get what I need to restore this? Can this bike be saved?


phatatude 02-29-08 03:55 PM

If you need parts, I have some. I just picked one up over the weekend and I also have another one in parts in the attic. Im not looking for much if even anything for them. Someone may post who is a bit closer to you that may be upgrading thier R-20. These bikes are rare here in the states so you'll probably be on this forum a lot ... When I see them on Ebay they are usually in NY, Florida and in general coastal cities.

What are your plans for the bike? Restore to original and ride it til the wheels fall off? :)

Which crank arm is bent? If it is the side with the chainring, you would need that too (they are forever joined :)

Im pretty sure you can go to a local bike shop to get the cotter pins. they should have em.

check the web site. The white one is where the parts would probably come from... go into the "Archive" to see it before it was striped down.

R-20's: Anyone who has an R-20, has parts... :)

alecw35 03-01-08 02:18 AM

I take the crank arms off the bike

Fit the crank axle end in a vice...maybe wrapped in cloth.
Then slip a long scaffold pole on the crank arm and lever it straight.

The crank may be be at a weird angle. So I get a pipe wrench and use it on the pedal end to get the twist out of it

You can do this when the cranks are on the bike. But I have wrecked a bike frame doing that.
Wont do the bearings any good either.

its more tricky to do the chain side. Especialy if youve got a little vice.
I some times take the crank axle out of frame
Then fit it to the crank.
Put the pedal hole in vice and scaffold pole on crank axle and then straighten.

After every tug check the arm.
Is easy as its the old style straight ones.
So can check with a ruler or the straight side of the work desk

Sixty Fiver 03-01-08 02:28 AM

The Twenty uses the same cranks as a Raleigh 3 speed so you are not limited to finding a Twenty specific crank.

The crank arms can also be straightened by removing them from the bike and using a vice and wrench as described could never do this with alloy cranks.

Removing the cotter pins requires a specific press which will minimize the risk of damage but you should have spare pins just in case you find they have to be driven out with a hammer and punch.

Some shops do not carry things like cotter pins anymore as they would rather sell you a new bike than fix and old one... we have tons of cotter pins at our shop.

As always...if you are desperate drop me a pm and I'll send some out in the mail.

The cost would be so little that I'd cover it.

raleighrider75 03-01-08 04:38 PM

It might be that it's only the pedals that are bent.That was always one of Raleigh's weakpoints,their pedals.Easy way to tell is to unscrew the pedal and see if it "wobbles" .You may just have to find some pedals for it.
I don't know about it "killing your knees" if you were to ride it as is.Probably just feel a little awkward.
I highly doubt that it is the shaft that is bent.
Is it the chainring with the herons on it?

LittlePixel 03-01-08 07:19 PM

My twenty had a bent crank when I got it so I know the problem. I was swapping it all out though so it wasn't an issue. I have some raleigh cranks that aren't bent if you're interested - though shipping that heavy steel might cost a bit to ship to the city that never sleeps (unless you want to buy wine!)

origamibiker 03-04-08 12:49 AM

I'm going to print your response and show it to my repair guy. I can then figure out what this baby needs to r-i-d-e! Thank you very much for responding. I'll be in touch!


origamibiker 03-04-08 12:51 AM

Huge Help!
Thank you very much. I'm learning so much!


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