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psykoocycle 03-04-08 02:46 PM

Along came a birdy
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I was looking for parts to upgrade the DT FS at the LBS. I didn't buy anything, just took a phone number from an ad leaf. Some guy was selling his 2000 Birdy Silver 3x7. I didn't really think anything would come out of it. I was expecting a scratched up beaten machine. I just thought it would be an opportunity for a test ride, and to finally see one up close.

One 10 minute inspection... one 4 minute ride... and I couldn't let it go... it was in amazing condition especially for the age... (with the RM sticker, and not yet the RM moulded into the frame)

I ended up buying the birdy. Now I have no money for the DT upgrade.

Here's a pic... will give a better review of the ride difference later...

PolishGuy 03-04-08 03:16 PM

Keep us posted. I've been recently intrigued by the Birdy bikes. They appeal to my sense of the different and unusual. From what I hear, including your comments, the Birdy is a very smooth riding bike. PG.

14R 03-04-08 03:47 PM

Sell the DT, upgrade the Birdy. :D

energyandair 03-04-08 07:35 PM


Originally Posted by psykoocycle (Post 6278769)
One 10 minute inspection... one 4 minute ride... and I couldn't let it go...

Much the way I felt when I first rode mine.

It looks as though it still has Birdy tires on it. Replace them with Schwalbe Marathon Racers, you won't believe the improvement.

Welcome to the fold!


OldiesONfoldies 03-04-08 07:51 PM

Congrats - that is an excellent opportune purchase! The Birdy is one folder I have not yet added to my stable & I hear good things about it. Post your pics and review. Many would like to share your joy!


psykoocycle 03-05-08 08:42 AM

Thanks everyone... I get giddy just thinking about my first full ride with it...

14R: = ) it's an expensive bike to upgrade... though I've already shaved weight from what it came with... I switched seats already (Terry Fly Ti) and will be going after the pedals (damn the seat on it weighed a ton... and so do those pedals)...

I'll be looking for the YELLOW elastomer... the red one just isn't suited to my weight...

I don't know if I can part with the DT (they are like pets with emotional attachments)... I may just opt to make it my daily commuter... I've spent the entire winter collecting reasonable upgrades for it... and I'm about to bring out my scalpel...

I will be selling my FS MTB instead... I rarely get up to the trails anymore... as much as I love that thing... it hasn't seen use in two seasons...

EN: It has marathons on it... it looks like the base marathons, not the plus or race... I found the ride fast on the tires, but it seems harsh and hard compared to the Kenda on the DT (which is always over pressurized)...

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