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zepi 03-05-08 07:04 AM

custom Bike Friday like stem riser for Swift Folder
I own a very nice (almost vintage) steel swift that has kind of a flaw with its stem riser.
It uses a 1" fork that is locked with a customized head set, that lets the fork stick out a bit on the top. This part of the fork has a slot that matches with a little nipple on the stem riser. The stem riser goes inside the fork and gets clamped by a quick-release.
(I'll post a picture of this soon)

This setup works, but is kind of unfavorable: It doesn't allow clean locking of the headset. Also the locking of the stem riser is not really ideal.

Now I plan to build a custom stem riser that looks a little like the ones made by Bike Friday.
Still I do not really get how exactly those are locked with the fork.
Can anybody owning a BF make a picture of how this works and post it here?

awetmore 03-05-08 10:09 AM

Does your Swift Folder have a threaded or threadless headset? The NYC bikes switched around 2001 (I'm not sure if the Oregon-made ones ever did).

The threadless setup uses a collar to lock the headset, the stem riser isn't involved in headset adjustment. The threaded system uses the top nut from the headset to keep the headset locked (just as with any threadless headset).

Do you have a photo of your setup?


zepi 03-06-08 06:02 AM

4 Attachment(s)
Here are some pictures of the setup:

invisiblehand 03-06-08 07:59 AM

That looks pretty similar to my New World Tourist.

zepi 03-06-08 08:21 AM

here are some shots of a newer swift folder. Some of them show the mount of the stem rise...

Maybe it would work to use an ahead-adapter. I could cut the fork, lock it with a usual headset and put the adapter on top. This would give me a 25.4mm stub on which i could mount my self-made swan-neck stem that is locked like the one above.

Still I am curious how the BF stem riser work...

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