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mingonn 03-06-08 01:17 AM

Derailleur suggestions for a 11-28 casette

Am hoping to run a standard (short cage) road derailleur on my 11-28 casette but not sure it will handle the range, Shimano site lists 27 as a maximum for all of their road models, but not sure if I am reading the specs right

Model Number


Cassette Compatibility

Maximum Sprocket

Minimum Sprocket

Maximum Front Difference

Total Capacity

Anyone running a road derailleur on a 11-28?

Posted a similar question in the tech section but might be more appropriate here, given its for a 20" wheeled Dahon.


jur 03-06-08 02:51 AM

You'll have no trouble using any road derailer with 28T. Get a short cage. I've run one on a 11-34T cassette; wasn't pretty on 34T but it worked.

Raxel 03-06-08 02:52 AM

Any RD will work fine. There always are some margin in spec.
I used to use dura ace SS RD with 11-32 mtb cassette and it worked well.

invisiblehand 03-06-08 07:58 AM

Even if you don't trust us, sheldon brown pretty much says the same thing.

SesameCrunch 03-06-08 03:18 PM

I use an 11-28 with my Shimano Ultegra short rail RD. It's been working flawlessly for many months and probably over 1000 miles.

Go for it with confidence!

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