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MichaelW 03-06-08 12:13 PM

Dahon Cadenza 8: reviews
Are any of you guys riding the Alfine (8spd hub) equipped Cadenza?
I am considering this as my daily commuter, not really as a folding bike (but that feature could be useful on occasion.)

I am a bit concerned about comfort: it has fat tyres (Big Apple) and Al forks: will I be able to ride OK with narrower slicks.
How does the Lockjaw hinge perform on a heavily used bike (12miles/day min)

Any comments on this or other versions of the Cadenza will be useful.

pismocycleguy 03-06-08 04:55 PM

As far as I now the Cadenza 8 is not available in the USA as of this date. Later this year I believe.
I am also interested in receiving feed back on the Lock Jaw hinge performance and longevity. Aluminum teeth appear susceptible to wear and damage.
I do not see a problem with running narrow tires.
Hopefully some members will share their experiences.

brakemeister 03-06-08 08:48 PM

well I had the only show sample from Dahon on loan for the CHicago Boat show.
The bike ROCKS and I mean its an absolute steal for the money . There is simply NO other bike with those Alfine hubs, discs and other components out there for the money Dahon is asking.

Yes I am a Dahon Dealer .... but people know that I have harsh words for some of the prices some of the other( dahon) folders have ...I am not very happy with some prices we have to ask for some of the 08 models..... The Cadenza P8 however is clearly an absolute winner ...

Lockjaw teeth .. those arnt no small K9 Teeth those are HUGE molers ... The serration is BIG as it can gets and very simple to open and close ...nothing skimpy in the alloy teeth here... no way that they can wear to the point where it would make a difference ( wobble ) Hard to explain, but I dont see any problems ...

Problem is however that we probably have to wait at least another month before we know when this bike will be actually available .. that is the only problem I see at this time ...
I dont need another bike , but if I would have to choose the Cadenza 9 it would be ...

MichaelW 03-07-08 11:53 AM

Im getting really good vibes from this model.
It seems to be the only affordable, sporty Alfine bike on the market that can take luggage rack, fenders and is disc-friendly with tabs and EBB.
Other Alfine designs seem to lack disc fittings, luggage and/or fender eyelets. The ones that do are very staid, upright models or carry a big brand premium price with "steal-me" labels.
My LBS happens to be a Dahon dealer and will try and get one.

I heard that Dahon were really pushing this model. In reality, I think people like me are pulling it and all they need do is get it into the shops Real Soon Now.

invisiblehand 03-07-08 01:51 PM


Originally Posted by brakemeister (Post 6294721)
well I had the only show sample from Dahon on loan for the CHicago Boat show.


Given the lack of models available at most bike shops, it crossed my mind that it would be in Dahon's interest to have a few corporate stores -- like the Nike store in Chicago -- where all of the models are available for test rides and viewing. Just think of the numerous posts where new forum members are unable to find such and such model to test ride. Depending the city and location, one would think that there would be a considerable amount of publicity from such a move. Each could be the hub of folding bicycle experience ... :D

Anyway, just a thought.


brakemeister 03-07-08 08:49 PM

Hi Invisible
yes of course you are right a perfect world.... however in our industry shop stores as already handled by Specialized or Trek have a huge negative stigma. They basically kill the IBD ( independent Bicycle Dealer ) The I ( as in Independent goes away with a factory store )
The Independance however is the real pride of any store owner . Hardly anybody does it for the money alone .... Now you have the factory sponsorig a store and basically goes AGAINST the Dealers ( becomes a competitor )
Trek and Specialized might ( I say MIGHT ) have the deep pockets in the marketing department to have a few of those factory stores . Dahon does not have the coin to do anyhting like that. Yes they are the biggest folding bike company ... but that is chicken fee against the big guys ...

Lets play devils advocate ... I was at the Chicago boat show ...... I made crossposting advertising all over the place ...... I had several new bikes there to look at and maybe even ride down the aisles.
I was in the heart of chicago ( at the NAvy pier, a cool place to visit all by itself , even in Januar)
Anyhow the entry fee was only 12 dlr ....

You should think that somebody would have come and visit .. NAH not one soul ... Just thousands and thousands of boaters of course....

If really a factory store would be so sought after than 12 bucks would not stop folks to find out about new stuff months before the rest of the world .. r

right ?

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