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mulleady 03-24-08 10:58 AM

Dahon Ciao P8 for 237 incl postage!
Thought this is an incredible bargain with 8 speed hub and hub dynamo for anyone interested in a fully specced folder. Seller also has faultless feedback. I've seen these for well over double the price. I presume they are going to be discontinued. This was bike of the year in the Netherlands in 2006.

michaelh001 03-28-08 03:34 PM

Unbelievable offer!!!! Fantastic bikes.
I bought 2 for taking on holidays.
I can't work out why they were so cheap!! The bikes are new, boxed and fully loaded. I paid for them on e-bay on tuesday night and they arrived on friday. I stuck the pedals on, some air in the tyres and I was up and about within 10 mins.
If they relist these bikes again I would strongly recommend a purchase

ShinyBiker 03-28-08 05:40 PM

Great find. Thanks for posting.

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