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badmother 03-25-08 04:55 PM

Old folders, and some non-folders.
I`we mentioned the older Norwegian DBS (The Best Bike) folders but did not give you pix yet. This is from the site of the local bikeguru.

He`s got a special taste for old folders, as you can see. I would like to see the rider of this one.. :D

LittlePixel 03-25-08 06:22 PM

He has a *lot* of bikes!
Makes my tiddly amount of three to wear, one undergoing surgery seem vanilla in comparison.

Nice gallery -thanks for sharing.

badmother 03-26-08 01:58 AM

Actually he has got around 500 bikes in a basement (got 6 of them from me), he is trying to start a bikemuseum.

The brown folder (the messed up one) and the yellow one is 24" wheels. I remember somebody talked about putting 24" wheels on the R20.

The green/blue one is same make, 20". This is Norways R20, They made thousands and thousands.

The red one is a different make, "Diamant", also made alot of bikes and still do, think it is Swedish.

He is selling some second hand bikes, look at the Danish Biomega. Shaft instead of chain.

werewolf 03-26-08 08:16 AM

Interesting! Are shaft-drive bikes popular in Scandinavia? Too bad they seem to have some inherent problems because they are a lot neater than chains.

badmother 03-26-08 09:01 AM

Not in north scandinavia, a bit more in Denmark but still new. Not sure about Holland, that is a big bikenations. T think I see alot of old bikes that is well maintained, much more than here. I find it interesting, imagine a folder with shaft, no grease from chain. I am also thinking alot about belt alot, isn`t that used on the Strida or am I wrong?

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