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PDR 03-29-08 02:13 PM

Test rode a Birdy and a Brompton today.
I had to go to the Cheshire Gun Room in Stockport this afternoon to pick up some rifle parts so I took the opportunity to visit a bike dealer in Manchester..

They very kindly let me have a test ride on a black Birdy Speed with comfort stem.
I took it for a ride around the streets working my way through the gears….. well I’m smitten!!! I really liked that bike and the ride was great, it was not my first choice for colour (I prefer the grey) but I think black does look good.

They also had a Birdy “Red” with the normal stem which I sat on and tried for size…. I probably prefer this sportier reach.

While I was there talking bikes they showed me their titanium 2 speed Brompton with the low “S” bar. They kindly let me take that bike for a test ride as well. I must say that I was surprised just how good the ride was. I didn’t like the gear levers but over all the bike was nice.

Both where rather different bikes, the Birdy was far more stable, stiffer, faster and nicer to ride than the Brompton. I’m pleased that I was able to try out these two bikes.
I still ought to try out a Tikit but I think I already know which bike I’m going to go for now.;)

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