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sprockets 04-01-08 10:47 AM

Twenty on Craigslist
Looking at a Raleigh Twenty on Craigslist. Do these have different frame sizes or is it jsut a one size fits all? I'm 6'3" if they are "one size fits all" will it fit me? Is this a good price for this bike?

rhenning 04-01-08 01:37 PM

I give up what's the price? Roger

phatatude 04-01-08 02:13 PM


Jagee 04-01-08 02:27 PM

Twenties have uniform frame size and from what I can tell (from my own), their max. stock seatpost arrangement could well be a bit small for someone 6'3". Of course, this can be solved by getting a lighter and longer alloy post.

How much is it?

sprockets 04-02-08 11:03 AM

I fail. The price was $250, sorry, I thought I had posted the link.

Jagee 04-04-08 06:13 PM

If it's still around, $250 seems steep. I don't know what the market for 20s is like in Toronto, but if it's similar to Boston's, that's too high. Glad to hear it's got all two brakes (for that price, I'd consider asking for a third)!

Sammyboy 04-04-08 11:36 PM

In the UK, you can pick a reasonable one up for $40. At those US prices, I'm seriously wondering about collecting all I can find and exporting them. They are one size fits all, but at 6'3, you'll need a new 500mm seatpost to get on there (I'm 6'3, and mine is fine with one of those and a sprung Brooks)

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