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alecw35 04-03-08 02:56 AM

Puch 20 lookalike
I saw this Puch
It looks like a Raleigh 20

I have some Puch bikes. The Mini Sprint cruiser bike
There ok. Mine has a unusuall size headset.

Sammyboy 04-03-08 03:43 AM

Bahahaha, OMG - Road Racing Town bike? Genius. Does look interesting though.

Alec, could you post a pic of your Mini Sprint? In the 80's I had a Puch chopper/muscle bike that looked very much like a Schwinn Krate. It's long gone, and I've never seen one since, but I'd love to......

James H Haury 04-03-08 05:29 AM

Road racing?That's a joke.The seller obviously is a bit deficicent of clues.

alecw35 04-03-08 05:34 AM

heres one of my Mini Sprints.
Ive got 2 boys bikes and 2 girls ones.
The others are frames.

This one has 406 shimano 3 speed wheels and SR custom racer cranks.

I was out on it on sunday.
thinking of putting SA wheels on it...get more speed.

Sammyboy 04-03-08 06:20 AM

The frame is just like what I had! Mine had a banana seat, ape hangers, and a 5 speed derailleur with a stick shift on the top tube. Brilliant!

alecw35 04-03-08 11:08 AM

Yeah Ive posted it on other bike websites
They say put a Banana seat on it.
I want it to be a hotrod.

Might get a pair of wheel disc covers on it

Sammyboy 04-03-08 03:25 PM

God know's how you'd source one of those top-tube shifters for 5 speed derailleur now anyway. I'm tempted to build something similar, on an MTB frame, banana seat with a custom made sissy bar (the ones you can buy are all for 20" wheels), the hugest ape hangers, and a stretched fork to allow a bit of a raised head tube (for more rake) and running a 20" front wheel. I love the Schwalbe Fat Frank white balloon tyres, but I think they don't come in 20". I'd lace an SA hub into the rear, and fit one of those top-tube quadrant shifters. I built a muscle bike on an MTB frame, but really it was just a bars and seat swap, and I cludged a stem shifter out of old parts. It got stolen within a week.

4cmd3 04-03-08 03:27 PM

Alec - that is a very sharp looking ride! Nice photo! :)

alecw35 04-04-08 01:47 PM

Heres my other boys Puch frame. Its standard.

They take a standard bottom bracket. Had cottered cranks on it. The headstock is slightly larger diameter than normal, but not upto size.
The seat pin is 22.2mm. Ive got a BMX seat pin in there.
The original wheel size was 451mm 20 X 1 3/8". Chrome rims on single speed.
Had weimmann alloy sidepulls..730 and 810. With the thin alloy brake levers
A mattress saddle and chrome roadster bars.
Had full mudguards too.

I would sell the orange bike and the red frame.
But would just be hassle, probably have to post it somewhere.
Dont know how to do that

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