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snafu21 06-07-08 09:52 AM

[uk] Lee On Solent World Foldie Rally
Free from the dose of whatever floored me for the last week and to Lee-On-Solent today with the g/f . Lee on the Solent is an English seaside town full of retirees and administered by the Stazi . 'NO CYCLING' signs all over the promenade by the sea which is wide and almost perfect for cycling. It's ok to take your dog there, but not a vile dangerous thing like a bicycle.

Bizzarely there are great cycle paths which then peter out as one gets into Lee, so one can either then cycle on the pavement, or get mown down in the road by myopic elderly drivers.

We took the Hammerhead and Speed D7, but I lost a feeble fight to retain ownership of the HH. G/f was off into the distance like a giddy kipper, I plodded on behind, er, speedily. The sun shone, the seagulls bombed us, and I was forced to eat a decent lunch, followed by ice cream to avoid Le Bonque.

Cycling back, the local Fuzz, sorry, law enforcement chaps were holding some sort of mobile exhibition, by parking a camper on the verge and holding out leaflets. I cycled past on the pavement (trans: sidewalk) to get a filthy look from Laura Norder. But I wasn't pulled for cycling on the sidewalk, which in England now seems to carry the Electric Chair penalty. Mobile fone pix: Note the HH is in front, which it was throughout the day.

Great to be able to get an HH and a D7 in the back of my car, previously I had to furtle about with cycle racks, and roof racks.


jwlunt 06-07-08 11:32 AM

That hammerhead looks great

snafu21 06-07-08 11:54 AM


Originally Posted by jwlunt (Post 6837409)
That hammerhead looks great

It is. But the tough old Speed D7 was much more at home on pebble strewn roads, and jumping off kerbs, and such. The HH is such a thoroughbred it gets treated like it's made of er, aluminium.

Then when we moored up for lunch we had to find a table with both bikes in sight. The HH stopped a lot of cyclists who stared and pointed - the D7 got ignored...;)


nigelme 06-07-08 02:47 PM this is what it would have looked like last week in Hyde Park!

We are hiding somewhere.

Dynocoaster 06-07-08 03:20 PM

Great pictures, I have my eye on a Smooth Hound.

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