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mackerel 07-10-08 11:39 AM

RSW tires
I recently purchased a Raleigh RSW/Stowaway/Shopper.
It needs new tires - which seem to be an unusual size.
Has anyone replaced the 16 x 2 tires from a RSW with common 16 x 2.125 tires?
Do they fit well or do they rub the forks and stays?
Or better yet - does anyone know where to get some proper replacements?

LittlePixel 07-12-08 08:35 AM

The Balloon tyres on an RSW are pretty rare; You might get lucky here but if not you may need to look into finding alternatives like some different rims in a more usual size (ISO 305 or 349 if it fits). I say this not actually knowing the stock size on an RSW - if it's already ISO 305 then you should be able to fit some Schwalbe Big Apples (fitted to Dahon Curves) that have a similar sizing and built in balloon suspension characteristics.

mackerel 07-17-08 05:20 PM

Thanks LittlePixel!

jur 07-17-08 05:26 PM

There was one on ebay here with BAs on it.

Sammyboy 07-18-08 01:02 AM

There's an RSW expert on the C&V forum - Viscount, he's called. He'll know.

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