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Dynocoaster 07-12-08 04:42 PM

Singlespeed Dahon Project
I am moving ahead on the Boardwalk SS with a new handlebar post and seat post. I just installed Alex wheel and Shimano freewheel 20t. I want to get a new crank and was wondering if the one on sale at Downtube would work.

Foldable Two 07-12-08 08:57 PM

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Interesting - you have the new frame latch on your S1. What year is it?

Here's a pic of my 2005 S1. The four best changes were the foam hand grips, the 1.75" Tioga comp pool tires, the mini-bar ends and the Thud Buster seat post. I also installed a new front brake and brake lever, as well as all new hex-head machine screws for the fenders and rack and new pedals.

I have a custom Bike Friday NWT, but still enjoy going to the store on my S1. They are great bikes for the money!

Dynocoaster 07-12-08 09:16 PM

2007. It came with the steel seatpost and handlepost. I changed out the front rim from a D7 also. I have Brahma handlebars and put foam grips on after the picture. I want to get the alloy cranks from Downtube so it is lighter, able to change out and looks better.

Foldable Two 07-13-08 01:05 PM

The wheels on mine are basically the same as the ones that were on our previous 2005 D7s, as was my original seat post. The vertically adjustable handle bar set-up was also stock in 2005 - and all for $129. at Camping World.

It had a very harsh ride, however, to begin with. It's a whole lot better now. I use it as a Market Bike, and see no reason to customize it further.

Am I seeing what looks like a custom '451' wheel on the rear of your bike?

Dynocoaster 07-13-08 02:49 PM

Yes it was on sale and it looks good. All I need now is a new chain and I can ride it and no more coaster brake.

gbcb 07-15-08 08:53 AM


Originally Posted by Foldable Two (Post 7048376)
I have a custom Bike Friday NWT, but still enjoy going to the store on my S1. They are great bikes for the money!

Absolutely. I love my little Boardwalk :)
(shown here in fair-weather mode)

To the OP: How big is the chainring being sold on Downtube's site? I would be wary of getting one too small... mine (52) looks kind of big, but it ends up being a very comfortable cadence at typical commute cruising, without being too big to take on hills or for bursts of acceleration. I'm running a 14-tooth cog in the back.

Dynocoaster 07-15-08 09:04 AM

It is a 46t

gbcb 07-15-08 09:13 AM

Hmm... that would be a bit small for me, but seeing as you're in the Pacific Northwest, you probably have bigger hills than I do :)

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