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jldcdahl 07-13-08 05:49 PM

How to treat rust from inside/outside the frame on my Dahon?
Hi everyone, I have a secondhand Dahon Boardwalk and I noticed some minor rust buildup in the frame (the bike at its folded state allowed me to peek thru the openings of the frame). What can I do to minimize the formation of rust? Has anyone tried Frame Saver for their folders? Also, can anyone recommend maintenance tips on maximizing the life of my bike? Would rust resistant coating on the exterior be ideal as well? What products can be used to remove rust? Not sure if the rust buildup in the frame is manageable without any action but since I'm quite inexperienced and therefore, paranoid after reading stories on folding frames breaking in half, any advice is appreciated! Thanks!

snafu21 07-14-08 03:38 AM

Prevent it rusting further.

WD40 used liberally
, then left to run out of the tubes. Careful now, it's inflammable. Reapply twice in a month, a greasy coating of oil builds up as the lighter solvent evaporates. Use it on external frame bits too - but it gets on your clothes.

Don't get it near your brakes or tyres.

You need to have more rust than frame for your bike to snap, methinks.

"A simple and inexpensive way to remove rust from steel surfaces by hand is to rub the steel with aluminium foil dipped in water. "

Ya learn something new everyday, here.

Silverexpress 07-14-08 06:39 AM

There is stuff called "Frame Saver" made specifically for steel bikes. It's best to get it on-line, most LBS' I've been to no longer stock this on the shelf. It's probably due to the popularity of aluminum, carbon, and Titanium.

alhedges 07-14-08 11:12 AM

Boeshield T-9 is very popular; I believe it's what bike friday uses on the inside of their bike's tubes.

CaptainSpalding 07-14-08 12:31 PM

I use Boeshield T9 on my tools. Good stuff. Boeshield also makes a paraffin-based chain lube that won't attract dirt like grease or oil will.

You should also have a look at Waxoyl. This treatment is very popular among Land Rover enthusiasts.

For the outside surface of the frame, just keep it clean and waxed. Any wax will do. Sometimes I'll go with the carnauba paste wax, and sometimes I'll give her a quick wipe down with a little Pledge.

jldcdahl 07-15-08 09:33 PM

Thanks for the responses. I've looked at Boeshield's products and don't know which one to get specifically for the inner frame. Do I get the one intended for bicycle use? It comes as a squeeze bottle, rather as an aerosol spray. Should it matter? I'm also looking at their "Rust Free" product line for cleaning the rust off the exterior... Has anyone used this (or any rust-free coating) to treat the inside of their folder frames?

Someone also suggested that I use any motor fogging oil because it's basically the same ingredients as the Frame Saver. Has anyone done this? I want to do it right the first time.. thanks guys!

CaptainSpalding 07-16-08 01:25 AM

I've tried the Rust Free. What it does is dissolve rust scale. If you look at the product description it says that for stubborn rust it should be used in conjunction with an abrasive pad, steel wool, etc.. I think it's not the best thing for rust spots coming through a painted surface.

The Boeshield product you want is the T9 aerosol.

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