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trueno92 07-15-08 11:16 AM

Folding Bikes allowed on Go Train Pilot Program
not sure if they were ever NOT allowed, but here is some recent and un-surprising train-commuting tips..

nice to know that the go-trains are taking kind to folders.... seeing ppl leave the parking lots at home-time is like watching ppl run from a fire.

folder fanatic 07-15-08 01:14 PM

...• Consider placing your bicycle in a bag before bringing it on board the train. This will make it easier to carry and will keep the train clean.....

I would not leave home without one of my bags or slipcovers. I want to turn my folder's neat package into something more tolerable-luggage!

...Please remember: GO staff retains the right to ask you to disembark or prevent you from boarding the train with your folding bike....

If they cannot see it or it does not clog the aisles, it won't be a problem and call attention to itself.

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