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phatatude 07-15-08 12:34 PM

Dahon Upgrade Question...
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Second post from me today!

I guess the first question I have is:

1)What is this bike?

I bought this bike pretty cheap mainly because its a folder without knowing what it really was or how it performed. The one aspect of folders that is never mentioned is how diverse they can be to accomidate riders of many sizes. More of what I am talking about is I am really tempted to keep this bike around for teaching my daughter how to ride a bike. One good folder could be with a person their entire life since it can constantly be adjusted to accomodate them. I was letting the neighborhood kids ride this bike and I would tweek the handlebars and seat location for each of them, no matter their size, and then they were off...

Next question would be:

2)should I upgrade it?

I have always been a guy that cant leave "Well Enough" alone. I am in the end phases of Raleigh 20 custom rebuild, and kinda wouldnt mind another EASIER prodject for when Im finished. I keep thinking how slick the bike would look with a different handle bar,twist shifter,better brake levers, better brakes (rear mounted on chainstay), a nice rack, maybe aluminum rims, and a 7sp.

Next would be:

3)Whats it worth?

I didnt pay much for it and did some minor cleaning and adjusting. I am interested in the price because of some of the upgrades I wouldnt mind doing. I still would want to be able to sell it, and I dont know if these are worth more original than upgraded.

Thanks for readin' fellas, and thanks for any advice you might have for me...

Folders : Makin' space for the rest of the world...

Ps. Yes this is the actual bike. Its a 5 spd with only a back roller type brake. Also has a friction style shifter... Please dont comment on the artwork on my wall, my son painted it when he was only 3... :P :)

what bike? 07-15-08 01:31 PM

type dahon in on they have loads of them on there but i dont think they are worth that much :), you could also try restore it to prestine condition but it looks in fairly good nic but restoring it might lose you money than regaining it :D, btw its a dahon stowaway :)

Dynocoaster 07-15-08 01:39 PM

I could hardly give one away last year and this year on Ebay I have been amazed at what they are going for.

CaptainSpalding 07-15-08 06:17 PM

I have two questions for you.

Does that bike fit you? and Does that diagonal member that goes from the rear third of the top tube to the top of the handlepost make the handlepost really sturdy?

If so, I say give it the Raleigh Twenty treatment!

Benefits of the R20 as a project bike:
Low initial cost (at least for now)
Sturdy steel frame - doesn't suffer from the weaknesses of many folders.

If the Dahon Stowaway meets all these criteria, it could be the new R20. Just a thought.

brakemeister 07-15-08 07:52 PM

well the first generation Dahons are not knowm to be the very best performers...... HAving said that I would NOT put a lot of money into upgrading them.... just keep it as it is and ride it and enjoy it as it was intended... Restoring to original .... well they are NOT collector items just yet ... I think the stainless steel version of the same bike will get VIP treatment first ... but the prices have gone up in the last year. Mostly becuase the twenty folks are fetching insane prices :-)

keep it and enjoy it.....


CaptainSpalding 07-16-08 01:04 AM

I don't know, Thor. A built up Stowaway could be very nice. I did a little Photoshopping. I added Rolf wheels, a carbon seat post, Brooks saddle, and bullhorn bars.

brakemeister 07-16-08 07:40 AM

wow .....
I am learning I am learning
you got me there Capt... lol

Still it would make more sense " modding" A newer Speed frame, as you have better riding position and a better ( not so quirky) ride.

However this does make me think of lookin out for one of those stainless ones


Dynocoaster 07-16-08 08:22 AM

I have seen the stainless ones going for quite a bit.

Dynocoaster 07-16-08 08:59 AM

Hre is one on ebay

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