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Sianelle 07-15-08 07:23 PM

What do you think of this folder?
I'm going to need to travel to a distant city (by Kiwi standards) to take instruction from the Director of my Order and I was strongly thinking of getting myself a folding bicycle I could take on the Intercity bus service so I could be car free, but still able to get about on two wheels. I've got a non-folding Raleigh 20 with quick release handlebars and seatpost, but I really need something that does actually fold and isn't quite as tank-like as a 20.

There is this 15kg folder available new here in NZ....... Not being a folding sort of girl (;)) I'm not sure if it's much good or not.

Lalato 07-15-08 09:47 PM

Looks like a generic Chinese Dahon clone. A bit too heavy at 15kg. What's your budget?

Sianelle 07-16-08 05:44 AM


Originally Posted by Lalato (Post 7068467)
Looks like a generic Chinese Dahon clone. A bit too heavy at 15kg. What's your budget?

Very slender indeed :(

Lalato 07-16-08 06:45 AM

I was going to suggest searching for a used bike, but I checked gumtree and craigslist for you and didn't see anything. With that being the case... give this one a test ride, and if the shop has others test those as well. If you absolutely must have a folder... buy it.

Another option for you is to buy a used non-folding bike in the other Kiwi city... or rent one... or you can check to see if someone else there has a spare bike that you can borrow while you're there. No point in spending money if you don't have to.


what bike? 07-16-08 09:42 AM

looks like the dahon piccolo design so seems good

Sianelle 07-16-08 04:32 PM

I must say that I do like the way this folding bicycle folds up. The price on these bikes is just $NZ90.00 so they aren't exactly going to utterly blow my budget if I do buy one. My basic need is for a bicycle I can take on the Intercity bus and then immediately use so I can ride over to the mother house/convent. Weight isn't so much of an issue as having a bicycle that folds up into a compact package and won't take up too much room in the luggage compartment on the bus.
I am keeping my eyes open for a good second hand folder, but everything I've seen so far has spent far too long sitting covered with cobwebs at the back of a damp shed and as a result needs much work.

jur 07-16-08 05:10 PM

Are you OK with the single speed?

I wish I were nearer, I could then say go ahead, buy it, I will keep it running well for you.

Trouble is, it is dirt cheap, so very likely not good quality; in addition it may be poorly assembled as well. So I think you should also budget for a visit to the LBS if you went ahead with it. It may also be good planning to see where the closest bike shops are where you are going in case of trouble.

Lalato 07-16-08 10:23 PM

Have you considered buying a folding bike at your destination?


Sianelle 07-17-08 04:06 AM


Originally Posted by Lalato (Post 7076082)
Have you considered buying a folding bike at your destination?


Now that is a thought :thumb:

Jur: Thank you for your kind offer and your advice. I don't really mind single speed bicycles so much as I own a couple of vintage ones I use to ride down the township from home, - and the first bike I ever owned and rode was a single speed too.
If I did buy the $90 wonder I would be going over it with a fine toothed comb before committed myself to going far from home. My Dad believed in teaching his daughter how to do maintenance and repairs back when I was a teenager so I'm quite Ok with doing a proper service and overhaul if I have to.

what bike? 07-17-08 02:34 PM

i agree with jur it probably is bad quality for that price, try find a second hand dahon in your price range, check ebay, gumtree and craiglist :D

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